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Why Web 3.0 is both fun and scary


Mash-ups & Remixes – these are the words that will characterize Web 3.0.

With the proliferation of APIs, many public facing, we are seeing an explosion of API mashup contests. Where people can take your data and do what they like.    I posted about the IfThisThanThat site before that basically allows you to take any public facing API and make it work for you. .  The web is truly programmable.

Today, I stumbled across NewsJack.

Sites like NewsJack ( and even most browsers, allow you to “remix” sites on the fly. 

       - here is an edited version of the support page that I made this morning

                It is pulling assets from our servers, but the page is served up from their boxes.

                It can be a handy little tool for quick mock-ups or tweaks, but there is always a small step from fun to fraud.

The next-gen of web users understand intrinsically how the web works and what you can tweak/play around with.  Ask Mr. Lehman about some of the more colorful Omniture Tracking parameters he has seen.



  1. The web is editable, and we have to accept that.
  2. As these skillsets start to penetrate, it could cause more noise in our analytics

Fraud: - don’t ever trust a screenshot

  1. We’ve all gotten pretty good at recognizing photoshop, this is just the next phase
  2. You have to see the url of the page
  3. But, be aware that browsers will now let you edit a live page (including the JavaScript) being displayed to you

Protection: -

  1. Tealeaf, since it records traffic off our actual servers, remains our best protection for insuring what we actually showed customers.
  2. We need to have alarms up to make sure our assets (Omniture and the like) are actually being requested from our pages
  3. We could try to block access to our site from these domains (just like we do with malicious crawlers) – but there will be more and more popping up all the time.