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Wanted to share a recent Mobile Marketer post from our Digitas Mobile team on Mobile Thursday and this holiday season. Post back any questions/comments.

If you’ve got a smartphone, there’s a good chance you’ll be using it to do some shopping on Thanksgiving. In fact, mobile shopping activity is strongest on that Thursday before the traditional days of holiday commerce: “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday,” and, of course, “Small Business Saturday.” So, yes, there is now “Mobile Thursday”! Digitas' latest data shows the growth of the opportunity for brands to influence commerce and create impact - even during a time of turkey, football and family.

We found that the percentage of smartphone or tablet owning adults who plan to shop on Thanksgiving for the holidays with their mobile devices will nearly double in 2012 vs 2011. We even discovered that parents should be prepared to allow mobile devices at the Thanksgiving dinner table or risk not seeing their college kids on the holiday…they may just choose mobile over turkey.

The arrival of “Mobile Thursday” is yet more evidence that mobile is not just a channel – it is a technology-driven cultural phenomenon that is changing how people connect with brands and commerce. Adweek published our data this morning:

Cheers to a profitable holiday season!


Brian Schaefer brought up a 30 (or 300) year plan from Softbank in todays Ops review.  For the impatient, you can find the slides or a 2-hour video of Masayoshi Son presenting his 30 year vision.

What's this all about?  It's a long term vision - not quite on the 10,000 year scale of the Long Now Foundation but far more forward thinking than the typical quarter by quarter lurching of modern Fortune 500 publicly traded companies.  What is the vision all about?  Not profits, income or OIBIDA, but human knowledge and satisfaction with life.

Personally I've always worked toward making Wireless better for people.  Not selling phones, not checking boxes on spreadsheets, but making the whole wireless experience better for humans.  Helping people communiate with other people.  Do that right and you'll get the sales, the retention and the trust that makes a company profitalble. 

SOFTBANK works to make people happy

through information revolution.

The presentation starts out starkly - death, lonlieness, suicide and despair, quickly moving to what makes people happy - reaching directly into Maslow's Hirearchy of Needs, speaking to connecting with people and self actualization. After a quick comple slides on the company past and metrics, they jump right into some rather unique goals for a corporate entity:

Endeavoring to benefit society and

the economy and maximize enterprise value

by fostering the sharing of

wisdom and knowledge

gained through the IT revolution.

After a brief review of the past 300 years, they dive right into the Singularity.  Softbank forecasts our computational power will exceed the human brain in just 6 years; far faster than Ray Kurzwiel or Vernor Vinge or other futurists are predicting.  Softbank doesn't mince words - they simply state that one of their goals is to bring the brain / computer to life.  Son and Softbank aren't just futurists or tinkerers like Kurzweil; they are directly working to bring the future to life with cloud computing, instant speed networks and unlimited bandwidth.

They close out with this from Albert Einstein:

We exist for our fellow-men

- in the first place

for those on whose smiles and welfare

all our happiness depends,

and next for all those unknown to us

personally with whose destinies

we are bound up by the tie of sympathy.

-Albert Einstein

Are *you* excited about the coming Softbank merger?


Here’s what started all the hubbub:

“Search engines are really evolving toward giving you a set of answers,” Zuckerberg said. “It’s not just like ‘I’ll type in something and show me some relevant stuff.’ It’s, ‘I have a specific question, answer this question for me.’ When you look at it from that perspective, Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer the questions people have: ‘What sushi restaurants have my friends gone to in New York in the past six months and liked?’ ‘Which of my friends and friends of friends work at this company I’m interested in … so I can talk to them about what it’s like to work there?” – Mark Zuckerberg, Techcrunch Disrupt, Sept 11, 2012

Search is and will evolve. Remember search engines replaced the earliest manually curated lists with crawlers and algorithms that ranked most relevant based on content, hits, links, and other magical formulas.  The database of web pages and the algorithms got smart enough that you only have to give the engines a couple of words or the beginning of a word.  It changed our expectation for what a search box on the web or on a site meant but not what it would return…that would still be a link to page.  Adding new types of things to search (images, videos, stock prices, product catalogs, etc.) was simply an easier way to get to web pages, or the bits of a web page that were relevant to you.

If you wish to see the future, go play with Wolfram Alpha.  This is not a search engine and treating it like one will have disappointing results.  It is a computational engine.  Asking it a question like “Should I buy Sprint Stock?”  doesn’t return web pages (with real time updates or not), it pulls analyst data from around the web and charts out the current recommendations.  If you ask it about android smartphones, it will pull all current models and chart out their specs, including letting you correlate anything you like (megapixels versus talk time, for example).    Right now WA isn’t very smart because it is based on manually curated data and a few public feeds.  But imagine an engine that has at its disposal the exabytes of data that fly around the web everyday unlocked by all those APIs that everybody is talking about, combined with knowing you…very well.   Zuckerberg is right.  Facebook can answer some very interesting questions, but it pales in comparison to what computational engines can pull together when it has the entire digital repository at its beck  & call, including your Facebook info, if you should decide to share it.

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It is interesting to a see how Google handled the press and invitation to the launch of the Google fiber launch.

They have a simple website that allows you to learn about the what it has to offer and ask you to pre-register. Well, the fun part is they want you to talk to your neighbours to pre-register so you can rally up votes for your area and they track the registration within KCMO and KCK on live map, guess what Google Map!

If you live in KCK or KCMO you can go to to pre-register and let Google know your are ready for them.

For the "Beige Colony" here in Overland Park, you are right. Not available at this time  

Oh BTW, if you are interested in seeing live demo Google has 30 min sessions you can sign up online. I am on it.



I just read an article that 44 Microsoft if opening 44 new stores in their revamped format this year.

Techno Buffalo had done a nice video walk through that features a few things of interest  in thinking about multichannel and the store of the future:

  1. Merchandising up front- there is a nice little display of the Xbox right up front which is linked to a billboard out in the mall drawing people in.  Generally in Sprint stores the key ofcal point on entry is someone standing behind a check in desk.
  2. Digital Screens - the slate and other digital wall screens are constantly changing the message within the stores and keeping information fresh
  3. Endless Aisle - in the back of there store there is an interactive kiosk where you can select from a bunch of software which is then given a license key and then printed in the back for you.  There is no need for stores to carry all this software. 
  4. Guru Bar  - not a genius bar but a place where you can set an appointment to get your Microsoft questions answered.

Check out the video and / or visit a tore near you to see what they are doing.

Microsoft Store Locator

btw - there is one in Overland Park if you need a field trip


Mash-ups & Remixes – these are the words that will characterize Web 3.0.

With the proliferation of APIs, many public facing, we are seeing an explosion of API mashup contests. Where people can take your data and do what they like.    I posted about the IfThisThanThat site before that basically allows you to take any public facing API and make it work for you. .  The web is truly programmable.

Today, I stumbled across NewsJack.

Sites like NewsJack ( and even most browsers, allow you to “remix” sites on the fly. 

       - here is an edited version of the support page that I made this morning

                It is pulling assets from our servers, but the page is served up from their boxes.

                It can be a handy little tool for quick mock-ups or tweaks, but there is always a small step from fun to fraud.

The next-gen of web users understand intrinsically how the web works and what you can tweak/play around with.  Ask Mr. Lehman about some of the more colorful Omniture Tracking parameters he has seen.



  1. The web is editable, and we have to accept that.
  2. As these skillsets start to penetrate, it could cause more noise in our analytics

Fraud: - don’t ever trust a screenshot

  1. We’ve all gotten pretty good at recognizing photoshop, this is just the next phase
  2. You have to see the url of the page
  3. But, be aware that browsers will now let you edit a live page (including the JavaScript) being displayed to you

Protection: -

  1. Tealeaf, since it records traffic off our actual servers, remains our best protection for insuring what we actually showed customers.
  2. We need to have alarms up to make sure our assets (Omniture and the like) are actually being requested from our pages
  3. We could try to block access to our site from these domains (just like we do with malicious crawlers) – but there will be more and more popping up all the time.

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American Customer Satisfaction Index  (ACSI) noted Sprint is #1 among all national carriers and most improved in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, over the last four years. 

In 2008, Sprint was last in customer satisfaction across 47 industries. Today in 2012, we are #1 in improved satisfaction.  In addition of of 225 companies, Sprint is in the top 5 for improvement since ’08.  We are the only company during this timeframe to show 20% improvement.

Sprint is #1 among all national wireless carriers in perceived value. We are also #1 in call center satisfaction. ACSI noted Sprint attained the highest level of satisfaction among national carriers.

We are also unbeaten among national carriers for the highest rating in the ACSI in customer loyalty.  We are the only major national carrier to see consistent improvement in loyalty since 2010.

Since 2007 Sprint has improved from last to the leader among national carriers in satisfaction and value. Sprint has also improved from last to tied for best-in-class among national carriers in loyalty and retention during that time.

Check out additional information here.

acsi pic.jpg

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Z team and Rico teams - don't forget that OP is hosting 'Diversity Appreciation Day' on May 9th.  Similar to the other Employee Resource Group activities - this is local on that celebrates our differences and recognizes those things that make us unique.

So for those of you in OP, dress in your favorite dress / outfit that represents your diversity and/or bring a dish to share.

Hope to see you there.

Many thanks in advance to the ladies that coordinated this effort:  Namita Kohli, Tina Ruiz and Laura Poland.

Sarah P.

No idea what you want to bring to the potluck?  No worries.   We’ve started a signup list in docshare that may give you some ideas.


I recently came across this video and just wanted to share with our team. Mark Fuller is the CEO of Wet Design, the company that designed the landmark fountains in Kansas City like Union Station and Legends.

The Dubai Fountain and CityCenter Las Vegas are crowning highlights of the company's achievement.

Some real insight on team building and design etc. Aligns with my ideology.

Happy Friday!

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From the Corporate Research Center

Key Mobile Applications Trends

A "brown bag" discussion

Sprint’s Corporate Research Center is hosting a "brown bag" presentation on the mobile applications landscape -- customized exclusively for Sprint associates -- Wednesday, May 2, 2012, beginning at 12:00 p.m. [CT]. IDC’s Scott Ellison, Vice President - Mobile & Consumer Connected Platforms, will lead an on-site discussion from the Overland Park campus.

Ellison’s presentation will leverage his company’s quarterly survey series on mobile developer plans and priorities (see “Related Links” section of this page). Topics to be explored include the following:

  • Latest insights in the mobile apps space
  • Latest mobile app forecast numbers
  • Competitive outlook for the major OS platforms (Apple iOS, Google Android, MSFT Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry OS, etc.)
  • Evolving role of HTML5 in mobile
  • Emerging mobile social battle between Google and Facebook
  • How social is evolving in mobile (e.g. Facebook's $1 billion purchase of Instagram)

To register for this "brown bag" event, click here.

Login to i-Connect is required to access these links. Keep your browser window open to avoid multiple logins.

  • Research

The display name on your online profile not only shows in this group, but also when you post on the public community forums. 

Therefore, don't use your full name as many customers have figured out the .sprint email from those names.  In addition, please do not use your internal email addy, etc., due to privacy reasons.

Please also note, your display name should not be the same as your login credentials. 

This is the suggestion from fraud who deals with people trying to log in as others. Matching display name to username gives fraudsters half the login pair.  Here is a blog about this. It shows how to change your display name.

We tell all customers in the public community who use their full name, email address or phone number to change it.

If you want to identify yourself to the sprintdotcom group, sign your name to posts instead.

If you have any questions about this policy or how to set your display name, ping me.


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It started with unassuming afternoon conversation 3 weeks ago.  A simple culinary discussion between 2 co-workers about what makes a good chili ended yesterday with an epic battle for the Prepaid Web Team’s title of Chili Champion. The three that dared to enter the battle, Cipriano Francisco, Elysa Strug and Keith Peterson, knew only one could emerge victorious! 

2012-04-11 12.30.20.jpg

The showdown began with the noon sun as the web team judges converged on the 3 crock pots simmering in the region of the office knows as the “Cyber Café.”  All sampled the contenders’ concoctions, judging on taste, heat, color and overall deliciousness.  All three brought their best to the proverbial table, yet only one could win…

2012-04-11 12.17.05.jpg

Congratulations to Cip for his outstanding win!

2012-04-11 13.52.53.jpg


So, as you know we're restacking in OP.  Always love an excuse to declutter and I've decided that the new cube will not be overrun with paper, no seriously, I'm trying to teach myself to go is a struggle, since I'm an Antiquarian at heart and love an printed artifact just about better than anything.

Trying to have some fun with the new space as well.

Ah - the cubicle farm, first thing in the morning (view from my new 8ft Great and Wonderful Oz chair, helps with cubicle claustrophobia.


The New Cube (possible names suggested so far: Chez Nerd, Nerdvana, open to other suggestions.


Unexpected benefit of new cube, a convenient place to dispose of the evidence.  After a few more paydays, I'm thinking there may be Zombies or an inflatable Godzilla crawling out from there and over the top of the cube.


The Nerd waiting room is coming along nicely.  And MANY MANY thanks to our buddy Roland Weber for donating the totally scary Darth Maul chair.  I'm thinking I'm inviting Darth to all the meetings going forth.


And though I may have moved to Oz, I always keep my reminders of my Reston Bretheren close by.  Still miss you guys.



Below is the email from the TMT.  You should now be able to download Firefox and Chrome through http://EASI.

I am still following up to see how they will handle the much shorter release cycle (I hope it will allow the automatic updates and that we won't have to go back to EASI every six weeks).

As I learn more, I'll update this blog.

If you have problems, please reply to this blog so that we can compile a list





The Technology Management Team (Http://TMT) has approved the addition of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 to the ITStandards database as restricted.

The use of Firefox and Chrome is restricted based upon the installation being performed from http://EASI and the following:

The use of an internet browser other than Internet Explorer is for internet facing sites only unless a separate exception has been received by the TMT (Technology Management Team http://TMT). 

No internal sites are to be developed or implemented requiring the use of a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Please refer to http://ITStandards for further detail regarding standards

Internet Explorer 9 is being made available though there has been no direction for Sprint to move to this version at this time.  It is being made available for compatibility testing.

The software is being made available to users with no loadset and users whose loadset owners have approved additional software to be loaded.  If the software is not found when searching http://EASI, it has not been made available for your loadset.  Once installed from EASI, the software will be updated on a regular basis as new versions are released due to security issues.  The updates will be distributed automatically to any user who has installed the software from http://EASI.  Any version not installed from http://EASI will be removed through normal scan policies.

When using http://EASI, your validation results will show if a loadset has been applied to your machine.

Below is how the packages appear on http://EASI:

Safari must still be requested using the link on page three of http://EASI for ClickIT Software Request Form.  Requests for Safari must include a business necessity.

Licensing issues for the installation of Safari are being addressed and this product will be handled separately.

Please communicate this to your teams as necessary.

Thank you,

Ken Dean - System Integrator III
Sprint Nextel Corp. – IT Client Platform Engineering
3333 Street Road, Suite 300, Bensalem PA 19020
Office (215) 645-4352 / Cell (609) 209-6346


I’m proud of each and every member of eSolutions. What a fantastic team!

While I had the opportunity to mention a few of you at the recent all-hands, I wanted to post the full list of eSolutions’ Above-and-Beyond honorees for March.

Special thanks to:

Erica Cusumano: exceptional support of the ESN Swap application. First quarter Erica took the lead on numerous Fast Cycle, Small Demand and small enhancements with ESN Swap impacts working diligently with IT and Amdocs to ensure the application functioned properly and that defects were addressed, fully tested, resolved and closed out.

Will England: Negotiated the contract with JIVE for the same cost as last year with more favorable terms and worked with IT for rapid update of license keys.

Sudheer Muddasani, Rajani Paladugu and Rama Yeluru: For outstanding and ongoing performance through every release in Q1, specifically supporting and assisting other teams in their duties as well as their own. Their 24/7 support and ongoing leadership is much appreciated!

Claudia Pohl: For Ratings and Reviews.  Her recent efforts include reducing the rejection rate by 5% through well placed content on the submissions form.

Courtney Schroeder: For her never-say-die attitude on the Opt-In project


Jaipal Singh: Above and beyond efforts supporting the Fast Cycle and Small Demand  & Enterprise pipelines in Q1 when eSolutions was down resources.

Chris Sypniewski: For going above and beyond to accommodate multiple out-of-cycle vanity launches this past month (and really, over the past several months). These launches require a great deal of time, follow-through, after hours work and communication from Chris (and the Level Five team), and they do so without complaint in an effort to make sure the business and customer needs are kept as the top priority.

Kent Van Deusen: For his unflagging efforts to get Google Search live on the site.

Cara VanNice: Outstanding creative contributions on fast-turn contingencies and AT&T competitive messaging.

Thank you, guys! Keep on rockin' it!


Compass Intelligence ranks Sprint within the top 3 highest ranked Small Business portals out of 49 companies. Along with other wireless carriers, Sprint is listed as providing a comprehensive and diverse experience for Small Business customers. Amongst the top 10 are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Cisco, XO Communications, Dell, IBM, Windstream, cBeyond and CenturyLink. 

Best Help & Support: Sprint offers an extremely intuitive Help & Support center, which incorporates multiple media types.

See details on the Compass Intelligence study:


posting on behalf of Purnima

We are here with a  new and exciting opportunity for you to BE what you want to BE! This is what you told us you want to be. Now it’s time to Walk the Talk! We are in the process of starting “Beyond the Book” reading club and it can’t be done without your support! I can already tell how excited you all are reading this email! J (Ha! Ha! Ha!), but seriously think how this ties back to what we are trying to achieve as an organization.

How does this tie to the 6 pillars?

Here are our 6 pillars – if you have forgotten already and how “Beyond the Book” club will help most if not all of these

  1. 1. Professional development

  • Participating in reading group discussions does wonders for your communication skills, teaching you to listen to different points of view and different ways of expression, as well as "discuss and disagree" without resorting to emotional arguments. It teaches you to be both honest and yet tactful, which is a difficult but extremely valuable skill.
  • Reading groups with a rotating roster of leaders means that everyone has a chance to practice their leadership skills and the management of a group of people, with different backgrounds and opinions.

  1. 2. Personal Engagement and Growth

  • Reading expands your horizons and book clubs help to do this at an even greater level, with the in-depth discussions and assimilations of different viewpoints all contributing to increasing your knowledge and appreciation of the world around you.
  • Discussing books helps to reinforce things in your mind and enable you to retain
  • Each new book allows you the opportunity to "start afresh" and "do better" - whether it is with more participation, improved leadership of discussions, more commitment to reading or simply better retention of the information learnt.
  • For those shy of public speaking, book clubs are a great way to start practicing expressing your opinions to an audience or summarizing information and presenting it in a coherent and engaging way.

  1. 3. Learn more
  • Reading groups are a fantastic place to promote learning. Bring on or recommend any “appropriate book”  J

  1. 4. Have fun
  • Last but not least, book clubs are great social forums and provide many opportunities to meet and befriend new people from all walks of life, as well as providing an enjoyable and meaningful addition to your social calendar. Let’s all use this informal gathering to learn more and have fun!

  1. 5. Process
  • Use this forum to bring on books, white papers that will share your ideas of process improvement

  1. 6. Capacity
  • Capacity is an issue across our organization but use this opportunity to learn how to be smarter and efficient in your role by getting a different perspective. We are open to ideas on what time we use but our recommendation is to use “Jedi” or “brown bags”

Where can I find books?

You don’t need to go anywhere. Pick and recommend a book from our 24x7 resource.

Here is the first book we will discuss end of this month. Look for the meeting maker from Purnima in a week or so.

We are really excited and looking forward to meet with you all on a monthly basis. ***We will be posting the message on community soon

How to register for 24x7 books

If you don't already have access to Books 24x7, follow these steps to access Books 24x7 for the first time through i-Learn.

  1. 1.

Access the i-Learn system from i-Connect by typing i-learn in your browser.

  1. 2.

Log on to i-Learn using your Sprint Active Directory (AD) user name and password.

  1. 3.

Type offering number 00001302 in the Catalog Search field and click Go.

  1. 4.

Click Register, located at the end of the displayed offering line.

  1. 5.

On the Confirm Your Request screen, click Place Order.

  1. 6.

On the Registration Confirmation screen, click Launch Content. This action takes you to the Book 24x7 Web site


In partnership with Digitas, we're taking a hard look at Responsive Design as both a design and development paradigm for (at least parts of

We just had a meeting of the Web Tech Forum last week where it was a topic of can see the playback here

There also a deck that shows what I'm currently noodling. 

I've also started a project in this group where I'm pulling together the current thinkings of folk and trying to set a timeline to get a position statement together.

Feel free to weigh in on any of the discussion tracks and certainly post any good examples that you run that we can all be studying up.

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Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook COO

Nihal Mehta - Entrepeneur and current CEO of LocalResponse

The interview with Sandberg is interesting because she speaks about the worries of how she would be perceived when she left every day at 5:30 and how she used to send out emails to show people that she was still working, and it took her two years to be confident enough to say "hey I'm leaving at 5:30 [no excuse needed]"  The original article at Grindstone points our several other examples of folks that struck a particular balance that was right for them.   It also warns of the competitive spiral of destruction when folks try to one-up each other on how hard they're working.

People one-upping each other’s stressful work habits is an epidemic. Time spent is the easiest metric we have to measure our commitment to our jobs. Other metrics such as insight, creativity, and productivity are nebulous and subjective. Time is quantifiable: did you spend 5 hours more than Mary? Or 20? Time comparisons give the illusion we’re comparing apples to apples with respect to effort.

The interview with Mehta is also interesting, because he discusses how his love of what he does drives him to be really, really busy, but he also talks about how teaching, running and dj-ing are also passions of his that help keep his brain balanced.  More importantly, he recognizes the example that he sets:

"I ask him if he’s noticed a sense of martyrdom in the startup scene lately — you know, all those founders checking in at the office on Saturday morning and broadcasting out to everyone just how hard they’re working. “You’re going to burn out at some point,” he says. “It’s great to pull all nighters once in a while but you can’t sleep in the office all the time. You shouldn’t set an example for your company that way. It’s important to let them know they can take a vacation whenever they need to. Be as passionate as possible and know that a work-life balance is just as important as working really hard, because in the end, that’s the most important element of sustainability.”

Read more:

Original article is here that has good quotes from other folks:

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Hey thanks everyone for attending our Online Channels All Hands- I think this a great venue to get the group together to hear insights from Scott, our numbers and what’s hot  - and not to mention the pluses -Brian being shot and Patti’s Dr. Pepper moment!!!   Elysa, great intro on your team – WELCOME again prepaid!!!!  In all seriousness, as we think about the planning of these in the future, I would love to hear to hear your feedback on today’s session and more importantly what things you would like to hear about in the next sessions.

As I was typing – I was a slight second or two behind OlaGirl and her question.  Seriously folks  - the Z team cares and ultimately we need your feedback to make these AHM valuable and FUN for all of us.  Looking forward to your input….

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Many years ago in my first ‘professional’ job at Boeing I had high expectations for getting cutting edge training and learning about the deeply internetworked systems.  I’d planned to be the ‘Super LAN Admin’. While I did get some good training and great experience working with systems, the most important tool I was given was a clipboard with a single sheet of paper on it. On that sheet of paper were the names and phone numbers for every system owner in the Boeing computing environment.   When my boss gave me that clipboard, I didn’t quite know what to think of it – I was going to be Super Admin and learn to fix everything all by myself!  

After a few months of running into problems that I couldn’t even begin to understand, I learned the value of that clipboard. When I ran into a problem, I could reach out to the right contact and get a quick solution.  Getting the problem fixed was more important than being able to fix it all by myself.  Over time I learned who did what and who to call based on that single piece of paper on a clipboard.  I built my network of contacts throughout Boeing.   While the companies have changed, and the technologies have matured, having a list of contacts for whom to call is still the most important tool in your toolbox for being effective.

To help us be effective, I've created a SprintDotCom Clipboard file -- it's a multi-user editable Document in this space.  List out who helps you, who knows what, share your knowledge!


Looking for a quick reference on what the Big 6 is/are (mass noun? - we should probably decide)?

Here you go, in either jpg or ppt.


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Just a couple of interesting reads from Retailnet Group's blog site from earlier this year.  I don't shop often (hate it as a matter of fact), but coupons will drive me into stores when I'm looking for particular things.  This Friday I hit Best Buy, Kohl's and Home Depot.   Kohl's had digital signage, but it seem some ol' fashioned, compared to what I'm use to seeing even on an iPod nano.  Best Buy had an in-Store kiosk with their website, tweaked just enough to show the local stuff (apparently they figured out how to do it without all the problmes they had back in 2008).

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Hey KC Peeps:

I ran into Mark Crouse in the hall Friday and he said that the Ronald McDonald house has had a garden donated to them that they need some help on.

I love gardens, but I am also a serial plant killer (that's why I had to study remains from archaeological sites -- couldn't hurt them if they were already 5000 years old and charred to carbon).  However, I know we've got some green thumbs in the group and maybe we could help them by finding some other local gardeners, garden clubs, girl scouts, whatever.

I would be happy to go out for a day and do some weeding, planting, mulching, whatever...I'm still a highly skilled digger.

Anybody else interested in adding in gardening to our support of Ronald McDonald?  Know some other groups that we could help draft in?



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Found the below article the other night...  Thought it was an interesting take on key leadership lessons of Steve Jobs courtesy of Walter Isaacson (author of last year's Jobs' autobiography).  I found the whole article to be solid - but, personally, the first section resonated the most with me.  It highlights the importance of being focused.  If you think about Apple's website, for instance, it kind of plays that out in real-time...  Apple tends to keep the same, static 'hero' banner up for very long periods at a time.  In many ways, it's the antithesis of what we do...  To be sure, there are material & quantifiable benefits of keeping content fresh and delivering highly personalized content.  But there's also something to be said for having such a strong singular 'voice' around what a company's brand is about...

Anyway - enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to all our new visitors to the SprintDotCom group!

You'll see you can create all three kinds of content out here - Blog Posts, Discussions and Documents.  But what's the difference?  When  should you use one over the other?

Blogs are primarily focused on broadcasting information.  You can express a point of view; call something timely to others' attention; make a proposal to get feedback from others; ponder an idea.  Posting to a blog is a great way to say something individual to other people in the community. Use a blog to express an opinion, call attention to something noteworthy you've seen (such as an article on the Internet), or make a proposal. Other people can comment on your blog posts, so that a blog is a great way to pitch ideas that could impact the team or the company. Of course, you can comment on posts, too.  Most of the content in a blog is in the first post; the comments are primarily followups to the main point.

Documents are more formal, and allow you to collaborate with others on a single document; capture information that should be available for a while; create a report, agenda, or meeting notes. Documents are great for when a document will have more than one author — such as a document that describes team plans or one that will need to be reviewed by others before it's ready to publish to others. They're also an ideal place for just stashing information you want to hang on to for a while.  When you're creating a document, you can specify that specific people, or even everyone, can edit the document!

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This week we had a challenge from Scott in the manager town hall – all those who had never posted in our private community should do so


And I sat there, silently, wondering whether he knew that I, the director over social, was the biggest offender of them all.

So as I was driving home, I tried on my laundry list of reasons for not posting. I’m sharing them with all of you, to see whether any of them strike a chord.

      1. Management training: I was taught that on a new job you spend 90 days listening, 90 days thinking and then 90 days acting. I started 146 days ago, by the calendar, so I’m still thinking. Does it hold water? Nah.
      2. I’m on social all the time at night. I use Facebook for friends and family, LinkedIn for professional networking, Pinterest for trying to explain to the world that I’m still relevant and Twitter to share interesting articles and studies (follow me on twitter: @leahgentry). Shouldn’t that be enough? Nah.
      3. I’m new to telecom and I’m afraid to show my ignorance to everyone. Double nah. Those of you who’ve worked with me so far know that I’m not afraid to appear stupid.
      4. I don’t have enough time. In my attempts to stay caught up,  I’m already the second one here everyday. (Tony Jackson, the showoff is always first) And I’m usually one of the last (thanks, Debbie Seusy, for teaching me how to type “lights” into my browser). There just isn’t time. Triple nah. When you stop sharing and discussing ideas, you’re no longer working; you’re just going through the motions.

Oops, out of reasons.

So here’s my first post. Now show me yours.

-- Leah


Interesting article form ClickZ on geo-targetting ads

RadioShack Mobile Ads Target Users of Old Phones

Douglas Quenqua  |  March 23, 2012 

Users of old cell phones are already used to being the target of snide remarks. Now, they are also the target of customized mobile ads from RadioShack.

Starting last November, the electronics retailer began running ads on the Verve Wireless network encouraging consumers with older mobile devices to visit their nearest RadioShack. By using Verve's dynamic location banner, the ads alerted users to the location of the RadioShack nearest them at the time they were seeing the ad.

The idea is to lift RadioShack's mobile phone sales - a significant portion of its business - by targeting people whose contracts are likely to be expiring.

"Forty percent of their sales comes from mobile devices," said Elizabeth Elliott, senior associate and mobile consultant at Mindshare Chicago, which handled the media buy for RadioShack. "So we figured if we can communicate to a person on a mobile device knowing that device has been in the market for 18 months or more, we can assume that they may be ready to renew their phones sooner rather than later."

The ads appear on sites and in apps within the Verve network that already require the user to provide location data, such as those that give weather reports or help find restaurants.

Targeting devices was possible because Verve's network shows "device type, sometimes model (depending on device) and operating system…all anonymously of course," said Greg Hallinan, CMO of Verve, in an e-mail. "By targeting older BlackBerry devices for example, it is a safe assumption that at a minimum their contract term has passed at least once, and the fact that they are on an older device, OS, etc…you can more accurately infer they are due for an upgrade."

"We combine this with our location data and offline audience data to create targeting 'zones,' which should also yield a higher percentage of consumers in the market for a new phone," he added.

RadioShack is not releasing data on its mobile phone sales, but Verve said the holiday portion of the campaign showed two times the engagement rate of the national average, leading the retailer to renew the campaign this year. Highest click-through rates were on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The original campaign ran from November 7, 2011 through December 14, 2012. RadioShack renewed in Q1, and it is ongoing, according to Mindshare's Elliott.

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Saw my first ad for JC Penney's Fair and Square Pricing this evening (reminder I don't watch commercial television, so I'm usually a bit behind).  It was announced back in January by the new CEO Ron Johnson (of Apple Retail fame) that also saw a move to the "stores within a store" model that lots of folks are noodling.


Having never taken a business class in my life (paleoethnobotany, glacial geology, and boolean logic -- sure, business not so much), I must admit that I have no frame of reference to evaluate the various blogs as to whether or not this is going to bite JCP in tail like value pricing did American Airlines:

“Fair and Square pricing is reminiscent of the Value Pricing strategy that American Airlines implemented in 1992. Much like Mr. Johnson's strategy, American sought to rollout a standardized tier strategy (First, unrestricted coach, 14 day advance, 7 day advance) that eliminated rock-bottom discounting. Just as importantly, this strategy was intended to provide confidence to travelers that they were getting a good deal (and didn't have to worry that prices will significantly drop after purchase). So what happened? Rivals responded by offering lower prices and American quickly abandoned Value Pricing.

or whether it fundamentally misunderstands the psychology of the "true shopper":

“Shoppers want to think they're getting a good deal. By taking advantage of sales and using coupons, they get that feeling. J.C. Penney claims it's offering "every day" low prices, which isn't true. It may fool the nonshopper, but not the shopper. If you watch prices like I do, you know that you can get a better deal combining sales and coupons.

Of course, the question is how is the "true shopper" watching prices?  She might be driving around and physically checking stores...but I think it is more likely that she's checking online.  Just like this reporter did to do a bit of groundtruthing on JCP's price claim. 

To me this new pricing structure is actually one approach to answer the most fundamental tech question of the new quantum web...why should I go to when I can find your catalog and your prices from to to (where JCP buys external website ads).  [NB: Let's leave aside for the moment how much of overlap there is in the venn between JCP shoppers and sophisticated online pricemongerers]. 

I did some quick and dirty checking against and many of the lower March exclusive prices (the white boxes) were showing up, particularly for JCP exclusives.  However, it wasn't consistent, especially for one of their sweeter deals.  For example, a pair of New Balance 411 trail running shoes are on sale in March for $ shows those same shoes for up to $50 (the only thing beating the JCP price was ebay).  But JCP's listing didn't make it into the Google or Shopzilla (presume they are pulling a feed and not crawling though don't know for sure). 

So, if JCP can convince shoppers that its worth checking their site, in particular on the first and third Fridays, then they might have a chance to be a real presence to people (especially combined with their revamp retail and "happy return" policy, and not just a price in a search engine or in an app.  A potentially very scary reality that I think every digital retailer needs to think about.

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