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Sustainability - Who Cares?


I serve on Sprint's Executive Steering Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility.  Today, we had one of our regularly scheduled committee meetings and I must say I'm really impressed with everything that this company is doing to make the world a better place.


Consider just some of our activities around the environment:

  • Sprint has made a significant commitment to reducing greenhouse gasses by 15% over the next 10 years and is the only wireless carrier to join the EPA's Climate Leaders program


  • Sprint has recycled more than 15 million phones and has set a goal of recycling an old phone for 90% of the new phones it sells



  • 75% of the electricity for our corporate headquarters campus comes from wind energy and we've set a goal of getting 10% of all of our energy from renewable sources by 2017


  • Sprint has reduced it's IT-based power consumption by 70%


Clearly, these are good things to do.  The right things.  We need to continue to step up our performance as good corporate citizens of this earth.


But do they matter to you, our customers? 


And would you be willing to change the way you buy wireless if it could have a positive environmental impact?  For example, would you be open to leasing your cellphone instead of buying it, so that carriers like Sprint could responsibly manage the disposal of your old model when you upgrade?


Leave a comment with your feedback on how much "green" efforts impact your decision when choosing a wireless carrier and how open you are to changing your habits to help us.


Even better, leave a comment with your ideas for how Sprint could be doing even more to help the environment.