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Audible SMS notification played during a call on the Epic 4G

Audible SMS notification played during a call on the Epic 4G


Some users report that if a text or picture message arrives while on a phone call, they hear the audible notification during the call.


  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Default Messaging app


This is a known issue with the default Messaging app on the Epic 4G.  There are no options within the settings to disable the audible notification during phone calls.  One solution some have adopted is to use a third-party messaging application from the Android Market such as Handcent SMS or Chomp SMS, both of which include that ability.

If the user chooses to use a third party messaging application as a work around, it is important to disable notifications for the default messenging program.

Disable Messaging notifications:

1.    Tap Messaging from the home screen.

2.    Press the Menu key.

3.    Tap Settings

4.    Under Notification settings, tap to de-select Notifications and Vibrate.

5.    Tap Select ringtone.

6.    Tap Silent.

7.    Tap OK.

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