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Browse the Android Market on your desktop.

Hello Android users.

What is the most valuable feature of the Android phones? Most would say the Android Market. I would agree with that. While some web articles, magazines, & podcast make app suggestions, looking through the Android Market does use up the one thing that is precious to our devices. Power. However, a lot of people want to do research on what apps to find. There is even an App section on the Sprint's Buzz About Wireless for suggestions & feedback.

Now how would you like the ability to browse the Android Market, but with the convienence of your desktop, laptop, or netbook? However, if you go to  Google's Android Market website, the browsing set is pretty limited.

With over 20,000 apps, I'm shocked that Google hasn't done more to allow desktop,  notebook, & netbook users to check these apps out. I have a couple of websites have created solutions to allow users to browse the Android Market.

The first one is called Android Zoom. It breaks down apps by what type, popularity, & has detailed information on the apps.

The second one is called AndroLib. Just similar to Android Zoom. However this page is littered up with Google ads all over the place.

Both Zoom and Lib have screenshots, barcodes to allow for downloading, comments, popularity, etc. I personally think Android Zoom is a cleaner page with a Facebook fan page.

Another site is called AppBrain. App Brain has comments, popularity, search, links to download, etc. No barcodes as far as I could tell.

Another  really good one is called Android Market Directory. This one goes a bit further with by breaking down menu options to themes, development tools, devices, games, applications, & widgets. Very clean looking & detailed.

An old site that did Android Market has returned called Cyrket. However, Cyrket has a lot of apps with non English characters which might throw off people. However it's very popular and allows the same breakdown of apps. Cyrket also does Palm & Windows Mobile apps as well.

However, now users have many options to do some research on Android apps without draining your phone's battery life. The best part is you don't have to even own an Android device to look at these website or browse the apps if you are deciding on an Android device. I hope you guys enjoy these sites as much as I have. Peace.

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