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Can I send text or picture messages to multiple recipients with the Epic 4G?

Can I send text or picture messages to multiple recipients?

Yes, the ability to send group sms or mms messages is supported on the Epic 4G.

To field
While composing a new message, enter any combination of phone numbers, email addresses, or contact names in the To field, separating each entry with a comma.

Contact groups
If the user has organized their contacts into groups, the Epic 4G makes it easy to access and send messages to specific users within each group.

To select contacts from groups:

1.    Tap Contacts

2.    Tap the Groups tab.

3.    Tap Phone or Google.

4.    Tap and hold the desired group of contacts.

5.    Tap Send message.

6.    Tap to select each recipient.

7.    Tap Send.

8.    Compose the group message and add attachments if desired.

9.    Tap Send.

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