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Can I sync my Epic 4G with Microsoft Outlook?

Can I sync my Epic 4G with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, the Samsung Epic 4G does support wireless synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, but does not include built-in support for USB synchronization.

Wireless synchronization

Both the Epic 4G and Microsoft Outlook can be configured for a Microsoft Exchange server to allow two-way synchronization using Exchange Active Sync. In the absence of an Exchange server, wireless synchronization with Outlook is still possible, but requires the use of a Google Account and the installation of free, third-party utilities.


Calendar synchronization:

  • Google Calendar Synchronization


Contact synchronizaton:

  • GO Contact Sync Mod


  • Contacts Sync


USB synchronization

In situations where wireless synchronization is not an option, third-party solutions such as CompanionLink may be purchased that will allow Epic 4G/Outlook synchronization via USB.



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