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Enhancing YouTube Video Quality on the Sprint Epic 4G (SPH-D700)

Enhancing YouTube Video Quality on the Sprint Epic 4G (SPHD700)


The Samsung Epic 4G handset supports playing YouTube videos in high quality. This job aid
reviews adjusting playback quality when viewing YouTube videos.


The YouTube application supports playback in both normal and high quality formats. Videos
appear pixilated, or jittery, when viewed in normal quality. Videos viewed in high quality are
larger and require a strong signal and high-speed connection. For optimized quality and speed,
play high quality videos over a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.


To view YouTube videos in high quality, complete the following steps.

1. Play the preferred YouTube video.
2. When the video starts, press the Menu button on the phone.
    Result: A menu appears below the video.
3. Select More from the displayed menu.
    Result: More options appear for the video currently playing.
4. Select Watch in High Quality from the list of menu options.
    Note: Watch in Normal Quality is the available option if already viewing video in high quality format.
    Result: The video continues playing in higher quality resolution.

NOTE: YouTube is a data intensive feature.  To view YouTube videos in high quality, use either Wi-Fi or

the 4G connection in a strong coverage area.

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