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Epic 4G delayed email delivery with Android email app

Epic 4G delayed email delivery with Android email app


Some Epic 4G users are experiencing delays in receiving email messages when using the standard Android email application.


  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Android Email Application


Several factors can interfere with the ability of the Epic 4G to check for and receive new email messages. The following are general tips that can help correct delays:

Task Managers

If using a task manager, ensure the Email application is not included in the tasks that are closed. In Android 2.+, task managers are not recommended.


If the user connects to Wi-Fi regularly, and the handset is allowed to go to sleep, it could suspend the data connection and prevent the Epic from checking for new messages. To change the Wi-Fi sleep policy:

1.    Press the Menu key and tap Settings, or navigate to Settings in the application menu.

2.    Tap Wireless & networks.

3.    Tap Wi-Fi settings.

4.    Press the Menu key.

5.    Tap Advanced.

6.    Tap Wi-Fi sleep policy.

7.    Tap Never.

8.    Press the Home key.

Desktop Email & Leave a copy of the message on the server

This is a commonly missed setting when configuring a POP3 email account on a desktop email program such as MS Outlook. This feature needs to be enabled to allow both the email program and the Android email app to be able to check for and download new messages.

Other solutions

If the Epic user continues to have issues with email delivery, they may also consider trying one of the other email clients that are available in the Android Market, such as K9.

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