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HTC Evo 4G FAQ - Settings

How do I unlock the screen?

To unlock the screen press the Power button to turn the screen on and then slide the bar down that appears on the screen. If you have set a password, draw the pattern or enter the password you set to unlock.

How do I create a Google account if I skipped creating during setup?

You can create a Google account online or by launching a Google application from your phone that requires an account to operate such as Gmail.

How do I modify my Date and Time settings?

You can modify the Time Zone, Date, and Time on your device by navigating to the Home screen and then tapping Menu > Settings > Date & time.

How do I set the device pattern password?

To set the device password, from the Home screen tap Menu > Settings > Security > Set unlock pattern. Set the pattern as desired then ensure the Require pattern box is checked.

How do I increase my accuracy on the keyboard?

From the Home screen tap Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > Touch input > Text input > Calibration tool. Tap the given phrase and after you have completed the calibration, the keyboard should be more attuned to your touch-screen habits.

How can I edit the User Dictionary?

From the Home screen tap Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > Touch input > User Dictionary. In this menu you can add, delete, or edit words in your personal dictionary.

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