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How can I switch to a different keyboard in Android?

As with many components within Android, the onscreen keyboard can be replaced with any number of options that are available in the Android Market. The following steps will help the user to activate and switch to a keyboard they’ve previously downloaded.

Switching keyboards:

  • 1.    From the home screen, press the Menu key and tap Settings.
  • 2.    Scroll to and tap Language & keyboard.
  • 3.    Some keyboards must be enabled before they can be selected.  Tap the desired keyboard and ensure the box is checked.
  • 4.    Press the Home key.
  • 5.    Tap to open an application with a text field (Text Messaging, Email, Calendar, etc).
  • 6.    Within the application, tap and hold on a text entry field.
  • 7.    Tap Input method.
  • 8.    Tap to select the new keyboard.
  • 9.    Tap a text field to ensure the new keyboard is active.
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