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How can I transfer pictures to my computer from an Android smartphone?

Users may wish to occasionally transfer images and video clips from their Android handset to a computer for permanent storage, or to create additional space for new images on the MicroSD storage card. 

To following steps detail the transfer process:

Transferring images and video:

1.          Connect the Android handset to a computer with a MicroUSB cable.

2.          Tap Mass Storage if prompted to select a USB Mode.

Note: If the USB Mode prompt does not appear, drag the notification bar down and tap USB connected. Then tap Mount or Turn on USB storageand Ok.

3.          On the computer, click the Open folder option when the Removable Disk prompt displays.

A.          If the Removable Disk prompt does not appear, open My Computer and look for a removable disk drive.

B.          On Mac computers, the drive will install on the desktop, simply click the drive to open.

4.          Double click to open the DCIM folder.

5.          Double click to open the Camera folder.

6.          Select the images to be copied and drag them to the desired folder on the computer.

7.          Once the images are copied, they can be deleted from the Camera folder to create additional space for new images.

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