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How do I backup my information on an Android handset?

When signed into a Google account with an Android handset, Google can automatically sync Contacts, Gmail, and Calendar events. Applications downloaded from the Android Market will have to be downloaded again. Purchased apps may be downloaded again for no additional cost, as long as the same Google account is used. A complete list of previously downloaded apps may be accessed by logging into the Market website from a computer ( The website may also be used to quickly resend apps to the handset. Additionally, many apps have a built in backup or restore function.

Phone contacts can be exported to the SD card and imported back to the handset after a master reset.

There are many third party apps available to backup settings, apps, contacts, and more.  If using a third party app to back up, after a master reset, the third party app will need to be re-downloaded from the Market to restore any information.

To ensure Sync is ON:

  • 1.    From the home screen, tap or press the Menu key.
  • 2.    Tap Settings.
  • 3.    Tap Accounts & sync.
  • 4.    Ensure Auto-sync is checked.
  • 5.    Tap the Google account.
  • 6.    Ensure the boxed is checked for each desired sync item.

To export phone contacts to the SD card:

  • 1.    From the home screen, tap Contacts or People.
  • 2.    Tap or press the Menu key.
  • 3.    Tap Import/Export.
  • 4.    Tap Export to SD card.
  • 5.    Tap OK.
    Note: If prompted to select an account to export, tap Phone.

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