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Issues with Hotmail on the LG Optimus S


Hotmail emails will not delete from the server after deleting on the LG Optimus S.


  • LG Optimus S with Android 2.2


With the LG Optimus S running Android 2.2, the option to “delete email from the server” has been removed form the settings of email. To resolve this issue, you will need to delete the current Hotmail configuration and set it up as an Exchange email.

To delete an email account:

  • 1.    From within the email application, tap and hold the desired account.
  • 2.    Tap Remove account.
  • 3.    Tap OK.

To configure Hotmail via Exchange:

  • 1.    From the home screen, tap the Launcher tab.
  • 2.    Tap Email.
  • 3.    Enter the Email address and Password and tap Manual Setup.
    Note: If an email account has already been set up, press the Menu key and tap Add account.
  • 4.    Tap Exchange.
  • 5.    Enter the Hotmail address in the Domain\Username field.
    Note: The Password will be automatically entered from the previous steps.
  • 6.    Enter in the Server field.
  • 7.    Tap to select Use secure connection (SSL).
  • 8.    Tap Next.
  • 9.    Tap to set the desired Account options and tap Next.
  • 10.  Enter the desired name in the Give this account a name field.
  • 11.  Tap Done.
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