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Know why you might get poor GPS signal on your HTC EVO 4G

GPS (Global Positioning System)  is a satellite-based radio navigation system that consists of 3 segments  - the satellite constellation, ground control network and user  equipment. People use GPS on their mobile devices with navigation  software applications such as Sprint Navigation.

The GPS  signal cannot pass through solid non-transparent objects, and signal  reception can be affected by obstructions such as high-rise buildings,  tunnels, bridges, forests, weather (rainy or cloudy days), etc.

If you are having trouble connecting to a GPS satellite:

  1. Make sure that Use Wireless Networks is checked: press Menu and tap Settings > Location > Use GPS satellites.
  2. Make sure you have a clear unobstructed view of the sky. Things such as ceilings, roofs and weather may affect GPS performance.
  3. To  achieve the best performance, try to place yourself in an area for  there is a 360 degree view of the sky. Tall buildings and walls may  slightly affect GPS performance.

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