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Program your LG Optimus S

Hands-Free Programming

  1. Turn your phone On by pressing and holding the Power button on the top right of the phone
  2. The Welcome to LG Optimus S screen will appear;      your phone will contact the network and the activation process will begin
    • Note: Do not touch the screen during this process, even if the screen says to       touch the green Android icon. By touching the screen, you will re-set the       activation process and it will start over.
  3. Once completed, you will see the message: Your      device has been activated; press OK to continue
  4. You will be prompted to update the PRL; press OK to continue
  5. You will then be prompted to update the Firmware;      press OK
  6. Your phone will reboot once activation and all updates      are complete
  7. When you see the Welcome to LG Optimus S screen again, press Continue
  8. Adjust the date and time settings if necessary and      press Next
  9. At the Set up accounts screen, select an email      account to set up, Gmail or Other emails
    • Note: Create or sign in to your Google account before you sync your contacts       onto your phone; otherwise, contacts may be erased from your phone if you       sign in after.
  10. Follow the on-screen steps to set up your email and      create or sign in to your Google account
  11. After you finish setting up your accounts, you will see      a Thank you screen; press Use Phone
  12. You will see the message Please wait while we set up      your device services; once complete, you will be taken to the phone's      Home screen
  13. Once set up is complete, your LG Optimus S™ will show      the MY ID home screen. Once there, your phone is now ready for use      to make calls and access data
  14. Follow the steps below to Download and Install a      Sprint ID Pack

Download and Install a Sprint ID Pack

  1. Tap the ID icon on the Home screen
  2. You will see the Welcome to Sprint ID screen;      tap Continue
  3. On the Choose your ID screen, select Get New
  4. You will see a list of available Sprint ID Packs;      choose the ID Pack you wish to download and install
    • Note: The Sprint Pack is the only ID Pack that includes the standard       Sprint applications such as Sprint Football Live, NASCAR, Sprint Family       Locator, Sprint TV and TeleNav GPS Navigator
  5. After selecting an ID Pack, you will see a screen that      provides a brief description of the ID Pack and information including the      developer name and contact information, applications in the pack, the      version number and screenshots
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions by selecting Agree on the phone screen
  7. From the Downloading Screen, select Continue;      the downloading process can take several minutes to complete, depending on      the file size of the ID Pack
    • Note: The moving arrow at the top of the screen indicates that downloading is       in process. For proper downloading, you must be in a Sprint coverage area       and make sure you do not turn the phone off during the download process.
  8. You can use your phone while the ID Pack download      completes in the background

One-Touch Programming

If your phone did not activate successfully with the Hands-Free Programming on the first attempt, you will see a Please wait while we setup your device services message. If this happens, complete the following steps:

  1. Press Menu and tap Sprint Zone
  2. In Sprint Zone, select Activate My Phone
  3. The activation download will begin, and you will see the      message The network is preparing your service. Please wait. Do not      interrupt this process. If the screen goes into sleep mode, you may press      the Power button at the top of the phone to wake it up.
  4. Once completed, tap Done and your phone will      reboot
  5. Once set up is complete, your LG Optimus S will show      the MY ID home screen. Once there, your phone is now ready for use      to make calls and access data
  6. Follow the steps above to Download and Install a      Sprint ID Pack

Manual Programming

You can use these programming instructions if the Hands-Free and One-Touch steps have failed or if you have a new phone or a used phone activated by a previous owner, and you have completed the Activate your new phone process in My Sprint. Please refer to the page you printed showing the codes you need for these instructions to work.

  1. Find the ESN/MEID on your phone. The ESN/MEID      can be found in two places:
    • Underneath the battery in the phone on the right side       of the barcode sticker; turn off the phone and remove the battery to view
    • On the Barcode sticker on the end of the original box,       labeled DEC-HEX
  2. Tap Menu on the phone and select the Dialer
  3. On your phone dial pad, enter ## followed by the      6-digit programming code you received during online activation, followed      by an additional #. (Example: ##123456#) Note: The last #      entered will not show on the display
  4. The Service Program screen will be displayed;      tap Edit
  5. Use the touchscreen keypad to type the 10-digit MDN,      then tap OK
  6. Use the touchscreen keypad to type the 10-digit MSID,      then tap OK
  7. With correct MDN and MSID entered, tap Done
  8. Your phone will reboot
  9. Tap Menu and select Sprint Zone
  10. Click on I Need Help to make sure your data      service is working; your phone will check voice and data connections and      other items to make sure everything is working and updated.
    • Note: In the My Connections section, if you see a red circle next to Data,       it means your data is not working; if this happens, to complete the data       activation process, select Update Profile and select OK at       the confirmation screen
  11. Your LG Optimus S is now ready to use to make calls and      access data; press the Home softkey and you will be taken to the      phone's Home screen
  12. Follow the steps above to Download and Install a      Sprint ID Pack

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