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Qik video chat won’t connect on the Samsung Epic 4G.

Qik video chat won’t connect on the Samsung Epic 4G.


Qik video chat won’t connect on the Samsung Epic 4G. It is stuck on “Establishing connection.”


  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Qik application


1.    Ensure the Samsung Epic 4G software is up-to-date and the Qik Video is the most recent version in Android Market.

2.    Both users must have signed up for a Qik account and be logged in to their account on their mobile device.

3.    When placing the call, either type the recipient’s Qik Username in the search/call box or type their mobile number starting with the number 1.

Dialing direct from the Username is the most effective way to make the call. If dialing from the contacts list, ensure the following:

1.    The contact name is the same name as the Qik Username.

2.    There is a 1 at the beginning of the contact’s number.

3.    The Qik number is set to the default number in the contact.

If all of these steps are followed and the recipient is still not receiving the call, the Qik app may have gone idle. Ask the recipient to open the Qik application, select Video Chat, and ensure the green light is on beside their Qik Username. Then attempt the call again.

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