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Retiring SprintCare user name update

Retiring Sprint Care email in Community update

Effective: 4/10/15

Recently we posted information on changes to the way Social Care is interacting with customers in Community.  To view those changes click hereWe have an additional information regarding changes with Sprint Care.  In our continuing effort to simplify and improve the experience within Community for customers, the SprintCare user name you may have become accustomed to seeing in the forums is being retired effective 4/10/15. 

Why are these changes taking place?

With the previous changes announced on 3/18/15, Sprint’s Social Care agents now respond as individuals. Thus, there is no longer a need for a common user name.  As you may have noticed, starting 3/19/15 a majority of Sprint Care responses have been with the format Sprint_Name. This will be naming convention you will exclusively see going forward.  The ability to communicate with individually named Sprint Care agents should help avoid confusion and provide you with a more personal experience.  As of 4/10/15, any @mentions or direct Private Messages to the SprintCare user name will result in no response! 

How to contact Social Care?

If you need assistance of the type falling under the 3/18/15 update, simply create a post in the Customer Service forum in Sprint Community during our hours of operation: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM CT – 10:00 PM CT.  A Sprint Care agent will be happy to review and, if necessary, communicate via Private Message.  Should you need assistance outside our hours of operation, please feel free to contact us at or on Sprint’s Facebook page.

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