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Samsung Epic Facebook content not displaying

Facebook content not displaying


Some users report they are unable to view content with the pre-installed Facebook application on the Epic 4G.


  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Facebook version 1.2.1


To resolve the issue, visit the Android Market and download the current version of the Facebook application.  The updated Facebook application is available free of charge.

To update the Facebook application:

1.    From the home screen, tap the Market, or navigate to the Market

2.    Review the Android Market Terms of Service if prompted, and then tap Accept.

3.    Press the Menu key.

4.    Tap Downloads or My apps.

5.    Tap Facebook for Android.

6.    Tap Update.

7.    On the Replace application prompt, tap OK.

8.    Tap OK.

9.    Once the download is complete, the new Facebook application will automatically be installed.

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