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Samsung Epic Touch 4G(Galaxy S2) Music Import Guide

Hello everyone,

After buying the Epic 4G Touch I tried importing music via USB cable.  I would create a folder through my PC on the phone and place music inside.  While the phone allowed you to browse through files and open the songs individually, the Music Player would not see the files on it's own.  So I am making a guide to fix this for all of you other lucky owners of the GS2.

Solution in 5 easy steps:

1. Connect your phone to your computer.

2. On your phone - Go to Applications -> myFiles.  Create a folder named: Music    You can name it whatever you want but for the sake of this guide we will refer to it as Music.

3. On your computer - Go to My Computer and open the phones storage.  You will see folders like DCIM, external_sd, LOST.DIR.  You will not see the Music folder you created in step 2 and that is fine.  Create a folder here and name it whatever you want but for the sake of this guide we will call it Gateway folder. 

4.  On your computer - Go ahead and dump all the music you want from your computer into the Gateway folder.  At this point we are where I encountered the original problem.  Phone sees the music in Gateway folder but the Music player does not on it's own. 

5. On your phone - Go into the Gateway folder, hit the Menu key -> More -> Move.  Hit Select All on top(We are selecting all of the music you dumped into the folder).  Then press Move on the bottom. Browse to the Music folder you created with your phone, open it.  Now press "Move here".  Your phone will now recognize the music properly.  Enjoy.

Rate please!

Steve Z.

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