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Samsung FAQ - Camera - How Do I Record Video With My SPH-d700 (Epic 4G) Phone?

How Do I Record Video With My SPH-d700 (Epic 4G) Phone?

The SPH-d700 supports a camcorder that can record in 720 HD (high definition).  Of course, the handset can record in 4 other different resolutions.

In order to record  a video, follow the steps below:

Note! When recording in in the highest resolution, the file size will grow  large extremely quickly. It may be necessary to transport  the video files often to maintain a healthy amount of free memory space.

  1. Press the Home Key
  2. Tap on Applications
  3. Tap on Camera

  4. Press the record button (red dot) to begin recording

  5. Note: If you do not see the red dot, you are in Camera mode. Tap the      Camera button in the upper right to switch modes and select the recording      mode.

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