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Samsung Transform Hard Reset

The instructions posted elsewhere on the web (and provided by Sprint Level 1 and Level 2 support) for performing a factory reset on a Samsung Transform which will not boot to an Android GUI are incorrect.  (The incorrect instructions are to remove and reinsert battery, then hold "volume down" while powering on the phone.)  The correct sequence is:

  1. Power down phone (remove and reinsert battery if phone is frozen in "on" state)
  2. Press and hold both the "volume down" and "voice dial" buttons
  3. Press and hold the power on button
  4. Once the word "SAMSUNG" appears on the screen, release all 3 buttons. 
  5. The progress bar will appear and continue across the screen.  When it finishes, you are then presented with a menu which includes options to boot the phone normally and perform a factory reset.
  6. Use the volume up/down buttons to choose the desired function, and the "voice dial" button to initiate the action.

Hopefully, Sprint support will update their procedures!

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