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Sleep of Death - Random Reboot - Still No Response from Sprint/Moto

There is still no word from Sprint/Moto on the now obvious design flaw of the Motorola Photon 4g from Sprint.

Many users on several different forums have complained about the the "Sleep of Death" and "Random Reboot" that the MR5 release from August 26th 2011 did not resolve. This is now making us wonder if Motorola released a bad batch of these phones and are not acknowledging yet.

Why would Sprint niether acknowlwdge this issue unless Sprint plans to drop this phone next month with the release of some newer models.

We are awaiting a formal response from Sprint/Moto as to what action they will take to recall and resolve this phone.

We are earnestly waiting and WILL NOT go away until this is addressed publicly by Motorola and/or Sprint.


     I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your Photon. I know we're currently looking into these reports and working with Motorola, let me look into this a little bit more in depth and I'll give you an update on what I find out.

Edit: Update - After reading several forums regarding these reports it looks like there's other Motorola phones such as the Atrix experiencing these issues, I've reached out to a friend in the device group to see what he can find out, he's scheduled to speak with Motorola tomorrow and will mention this for an update. I will keep you updated.

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     Ok, I have confirmed the root cause of the random restarts has been determined and there will be an MR update to resolve that issue soon. The "sleep of death" issue is still being looked into the root cause has not been discovered yet but it is being investigated.


can you provide more details as to what the issues was that was causing the "random restarts"?

I have only had the photon for 6 days, first 3 were terrible. The phone was experiencing both the "randaom restarts" and the "SOD".  I performed a factory reset and have not experienced the problems again.

It would be really nice if we know what was causing this problem, it would help with determining if I keep the photon or try a different device.



     I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue as well. From what I understand it was an issue related to memory, I did not receive any specific details unfortunately. I'm still monitoring this situation though, because personally after reading every single post of a 16+ page thread on the Motorola forums I found it was quite interesting to read all of the speculation of possibilities of a cause.

So could we gat an official status update? I understand there was an OTA called MR7 that was to be released yesterday. What is the status, what specifically does this address? And to anyone who has applied this patch, does it work?  (My phone is in the hands of Motorola repair at the time of my post).


     I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean by official status update. If you're looking for something more definitive, unfortunately we do not have any further information to provide at this time.

As for the MR7 that was mentioned on other forums, which I read as well, they're actually referring to the Version.4.5.1A-1_SUN-154_6 released on 9/14/2011, our official Motorola Photon 4G Blog posted here details the history of the Photon updates as well as what is being addressed with each update. I believe the couple of users posting about receiving an MR7 update were calling it that because that's the alternate name for that update as detailed in Motorola's official update listing here.

I know there's a lot of people who are frustrated and I understand that completely. I'm staying on top of these issues and I will keep you updated as I receive new updates.

I wonder if it has something to do withe the tegra processor I recently canceled my tmobile account over buying a G2x wich also has the same processor and also has the random reboots and freezes. I just find it kind wierd that both phones do it and they both have the new tegra 2 processor.

Just to clarify, we are looking for a Status on the FIX and/or resolution fior the Sleep of Death and rendom reboots of the Sprint Motorola Photon 4g phone that has YET to be addressed with specific cause and result status.

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