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Sprint ID FAQ

How Sprint ID works:

  • Sprint ID gives users instant access to news, music, live TV, shopping and more right at their fingertips. Choose an “ID pack” from name brands like ESPN or MTV, or lifestyle themes like Entertainment or Socially Connected. Each ID pack is filled with apps, ringtones, wallpapers, and more and you get it all in a single download. That means no more wasted time searching for apps in the app store (though you still have access to the Android Market). Sprint ID gives Sprint customers a new kind of on-device technology to explore. Choose from a single experience or many (get up to five “ID’s at once).

How much does Sprint ID cost:

  • Sprint ID packs are FREE though some packs may contain premium content that requires an additional charge at which time you would be alerted of the pending charge should you choose to accept it.

Locating Sprint ID:

  1. You can find the Sprint ID icon in your application menu.

To download a Sprint ID Pack:

  1. Locate Sprint ID in the applications menu.
  2. Select “Get a New ID” and select and ID pack then click Install.
  3. Review the ID Pack Terms & Conditions and select Agree.
  4. The ID Pack will begin downloading; this could take several minutes depending upon the size of the ID Pack
  5. Once the download is complete, an Install completed successfully! pop-up message will appear; select OK.

Once the ID Pack has downloaded to your phone, to use it:

  1. Press the ID icon next to the Phone and Application icons.
  2. At the Choose your ID screen, select the ID Pack you want and then click Install.
  3. The ID should appear on the phone within a few seconds


  • If you don't see an ID icon on your Home screen, you can find Sprint ID by pressing the Applications icon.
  • If a phone call interrupts the download of the ID Pack, the downloading process should be cancelled and restarted.

How to Switch between ID Packs:

  1. Click on the ID icon next to the Phone and Applications icons at the bottom of the screen.
  2. At the Choose your ID screen, select the ID pack you want and click Install. The pack should appear within a few seconds.

Exiting out of Sprint ID; Return to the Samsung User Experience:

  • Press the ID icon on the bottom of the screen.  At the Choose your ID screen, click on “Samsung”. This will return you to the Samsung user experience.

To remove an individual application, ring tone, screen saver or wallpaper from a Sprint ID Pack:

  • Once in a Sprint ID pack, press the ID icon next to the Phone and Application icons.
  • At the Choose your ID screen, press the Menu button and select Manage.
  • Under the Content by ID section, select the ID Pack you want to modify.
  • A screen will appear with the options to Manage, Remove, or Re-install; select Manage.
  • You can then choose what to remove.
  • Remove all apps/ringers/etc. by selecting the grayed out checkboxes or select the expand option (>) which displays each item individually to select for removal.
  • Select the grayed out checkbox for item(s) to remove.
  • Select Remove.
  • You will see a Confirm delete pop-up message; select Continue to remove the item(s)

When I exit out of Sprint ID and go back to the original Samsung interface my wallpaper and ringtones have changed. What happened?

  • If your wallpapers or ringtones weren’t pre-selected you may have to reset your ringtones and wallpaper.

Do I have to use Sprint ID?

  • No. At any time you may move the Sprint ID icon to another screen, however it can not be permanently removed.

How do I get help with an ID pack?

Since Sprint ID packs are created by a third party you will need to contact the developer directly. Within the Sprint ID application, choose your ID screen, press the Menu button and select Manage.  Under the Content by ID section select the ID pack that needs support. On the Description Screen, scroll down to the Developer’s website, email address and phone number.

One way to manage the performance of your device is to add the Application Widget to your homescreen. This allows you to manage the number of applications running on your device and will help maintain optimal performance.

  1. Press Home to activate the Home screen.
  2. Touch and hold on an empty area of the screen.
  3. From the Add to Home screen window tap Widgets.
  4. Tap Program Monitor to place it on your current screen.
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