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Stop applications from running in the background on your HTC EVO 4G

While you can browse the Android  Market to find and download task management applications, we recommend  that you use the built-in Android application management tools rather  than third-party task killers as Android inherently manages  multi-tasking and resource management more efficiently than ever.

Some options for closing applications include:

  • Close or sign out of applications so that they do not continue running; you can often do this by pressing the Menu key while in the application

  • Use  the running services application to end user-installed applications  that are still running but no longer needed; to do this, press Menu then tap Settings > Applications > Running Services and tap the running application to stop it

  • If  the open applications synchronize data, make sure you optimize the  synchronization settings for improved battery life; to do this, press Menu then tap Settings > Accounts & sync

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