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Troubleshooting HTC EVO Android 2.2 Issues

We’ve been following the posts on the Community where some customers are reporting they’ve had some trouble with the Android 2.2 download.  Many have been addressed by other customers posting what they’ve done to correct the problem…many thanks to those who have contributed!  We’ve rounded up some of the recurring issues here for reference.

If you continue to have problems with your phone, please visit a Sprint Service and Repair Store and a technical consultant should be able to help you.  Just visit to schedule a Ready Now appointment at your nearest Sprint Service and Repair center.

Unable to download the update
•    To update your phone, go to Settings > Update Phone > HTC Software Update
•    Some people downloaded and unofficial pre-release version of the update with version number 3.26.651.3 published on 7/30.  HTC has put      out  a  new over the air update to update from .3 to the official .6 release (3.26.651.6).  Just go to Menu->Settings->System Updates->HTC      software  update to get the .6 update.
•    Updates must be applied in order.  Anyone on version 1.32.651.1 will need to update to 1.47.651.1, prior to updating to the Android 2.2      version (3.26.651.6).  These updates should have occurred automatically.  To check the version your phone is on, go to the Home screen,      Tap  Menu>Settings>About phone>Software Information.

Battery life
•    Follow the usual steps of turning off un-used services (WiFi, 4G, etc)
•    Turn down the frequency that network connected apps sync – set your mail to hourly instead of every 5 minutes
•    Ensure you’re using the most current version of the Facebook application, 1.3.1.  To download this version, Start the Market app, hit Menu             > Downloads > find Facebook for Android and hit update.

Hotspot – Error 67
•    If you try to tether to the phone and get an Error 67, incorrect username / password, it’s because 4G tethering authentication has been           activated in the update.  Just contact customer care to add the Hotspot subscription to your account.  This will authenticate you with the      Sprint systems and you can use the full hotspot feature and tethering.  Note that there is an additional charge for the Hotspot subscription.

Applications ‘respawning’
•    Uninstall Advanced Task Manager – applications may restart as soon as the task killer shuts them down.  Advanced Task Killer is not           compatible with Froyo.  The Unix system underneath Android has advanced process management features and will automatically shut down           unused apps and free memory as needed.

.wav files
•    Some .wav files that were playable prior to the update will no longer play.  Some voicemail systems use a non-standard audio codec to save           space, and these files aren’t playing back.  Sprint and HTC are looking into this situation.  As a temporary workaround, there are applications      in  the Android Market that will play these special WAV files.

Force close errors
•    Some applications on the phone prior to the upgrade may not be compatible with Android 2.2 and could cause issues ranging from force      close errors to conflicts with preloaded applications.
     If software issues are encountered after updating:
      1.    Uninstall 3rd party applications by going to Menu->Settings->Applications>Manage applications then selecting all entries under                     "Downloaded" and tap "Uninstall".
     2.    If all other troubleshooting fails back up your data and perform a factory reset.  A factory reset will restore your phone back to the way            it was when you purchased it from Sprint.  BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST.  Then go to  menu>settings>SD card and phone           storage>Factory Data Reset

Calendar sync
•    There have been isolated reports of calendar items failing to sync, or multiple copies of calendar items being created.  Some customers      have reported success in removing and re-creating the Exchange account.

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