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Use 3G and 4G networks effectively on your Epic

Depending on your coverage area, you may have:

  • Both 3G and 4G coverage
  • Only 3G coverage
  • Only 4G coverage

Your Epic automatically connects to the fastest network that is available to you. If you have both 3G and 4G coverage, and your connection happens to get disrupted, your Epic 4G can automatically switch to the other network.

Turning on 4G coverage

When you first turn on your phone, you will need to turn on 4G if you live in a 4G coverage area. (See Here's how to turn it on:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the phone screen. A layer will drop down, where you see notifications and certain settings. 4G will be an icon at the top right. Touch it to toggle it on and off. Green = on, gray = off.
  2. From your Applications list, tap Settings, then Wireless & Network.

Your phone will switch from 4G to 3G if you have 4G on and if you are moving out of 4G coverage into a 3G coverage area. This shouldn't interrupt anything you're doing.

If you are not in a 4G area, you'll want to turn off 4G to conserve your battery. This is because your phone will continue to search for a 4G signal as long as 4G is turned on.

Troubleshoot low 3G upload speeds

If your 3G upload speeds seem too slow, check this support topic to make sure you have the latest software update for your Epic.

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