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Use HTC Footprints on your HTC EVO 4G

Use HTC Footprints on your HTC EVO 4G

A footprint consists of a photo  you take of a location such as a restaurant, a sightseeing destination,  etc., stored together with a precise GPS position and other information  about that location such as the street address and phone number.

To use HTC Footprints:

  1. Press Menu and tap All apps > Footprints
  2. Point the camera at the scene you want to save
  3. Press the on-screen shutter button to capture the photo
  4. Your phone will search for your GPS location and automatically add the picture to the map with the exact coordinates
  5. Once the location has been identified, press Done
  6. You can then edit an entry; just tap the location to select, press Menu and tap Edit
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