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Where to get applications for your Android handset

Android applications can be downloaded through several channels including the Android Market, Amazon appstore, or directly from the publisher.

Android Market

The Android Market app is preinstalled on every Android handset providing a fast and convenient way for users to purchase and download a variety of new apps for their Android handset. The market may also be accessed from a computer through the Market website ( Applications purchased through the website are downloaded directly to the Android handset.

Amazon appstore

The Amazon appstore is a second option for purchasing and downloading applications. App purchases are billed through the user’s Amazon account. The appstore may be downloaded directly from the Amazon website (

Non-Market Applications

Some applications bypass the markets and are offered directly from the publisher. Before these apps can be installed, the Android handset must be configured to allow the installation of non-market applications.

To allow installation of non-Market apps:

  • 1.    From the home screen, press the Menu key.
  • 2.    Tap Settings.
  • 3.    Tap Applications.
  • 4.    Ensure the Unknown sources option is checked.
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