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Why isn’t Google Navigation providing voice directions on the Samsung Epic 4G?

This is most commonly caused when the user inadvertently mutes the audio or turns the volume down.  If the following solutions do not work, check whether the handset has a task killer installed.  The user will need to ensure that the text to speech utility (Pico TTS) is not being disabled.

Unmuting the Navigation app:

  • 1.    From the home screen, tap Applications.
  • 2.    Swipe left or right to the screen containing Navigation.
  • 3.    Tap Navigation.
  • 4.    Tap the Menu key.
  • 5.    Tap Unmute to turn the voice on.

Adjust the Navigation app volume:

  • 1.    From the home screen of the Navigation app, press up on the Volume key to ensure the audio is at the desired level.
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