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Could you help me to unlock mi iPhone 7


Could you help me to unlock mi iPhone 7

My iPhone 7 meets all of the requirements to be unlocked. Was originally purchased in full, the seller no longer has a sprint account. But I have not contact with  him anymore, he told me that the phone is NOT attached to a delinquent account and he didn't give me the account holder's information. However, I did check the IMEI before buying it, and is clean and has not a lost report o something like that. Please could you help me to unlock the device? the IMEI is [Edited for privacy]

Sprint Employee

Hey there! In order to unlock the device, there are certain requirements that it needs to meet, among the most important are: That the device is unlock capable. That it is fully paid, meaning that it cannot have any pending contract nor balance. Never has been reported lost or stolen. The account last associated with the device must be current. To get information about other requirements, please visit: If your equipment meets the requirements, we can proceed with your request.In your case, we'd need the account number or account name last associate with the device (only provide this information on a Private Message). 

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