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Sprint uses a few different 4 and 5 digit short codes for free messages and self-service account management. The information is updated as of 3/13/2017   1311 - Usage and Upgrade Eligibility This short code allows you to request your upgrade eligibility and current usage information (minutes, text and data). Text UPGRADE or USAGE. 2222 – Sprint Promotional Code This code is used for Sprint promotional messaging. 2323, 4242 – Sprint Survey Code These are used to send customer surveys. 3223 - Sprint Account Alerts This is educational info about your new device from Sprint. 4567 – Sprint Promotional Code for Upgrades This code is used for Sprint promotional messaging specifically targeting upgrades. 6004 – Sprint CARE Customer Surveys These are used to request customer feedback after a CARE interaction. 6565 – Sprint Promotional Code for Entertainment This code is used for Sprint promotional messaging for entertainment. 6772-Sprint Account Notifications These are non-promotional text messages notifying users of account info. 7726 - Report Spam Text Messages Sprint is conducting a trial with a new system that gives employees and customers with CDMA devices the ability to report SPAM text messages received. Forward any text messages perceived to be SPAM to shortcode 7726 (SPAM) to report it as SPAM. 7795 – Sprint Legal Notifications This code is periodically used to notify users of upcoming legal announcements. 8737 - Sprint Mobile Controls Used for the Sprint Mobile Controls Android Application. 8757 - Sprint Drive First Used for the Sprint Drive First Android Application. These messages are normally hidden and intercepted by the device behind the scenes to signal the phone to communicate with the Drive First app. 8787 – E-Bill Payment Reminder This code is used to send payment reminders. 9016 - Visual Voicemail Used for visual voicemail notifications. These messages are normally hidden and intercepted by the device behind the scenes to signal the phone to download new voicemail messages. 9099 - Sprint Free Msg This code is the default used by Sprint to communicate information about an account. 9230 - Text Errors This short code is used for information messages when there is an error with a sent text message. An example: "The short code you are attempting to use has expired or short-code texting may be blocked on your account.  Msg 1051.”  The example message requires a call into CARE to lift short code blocking via CST/PMG.  9329 – Sprint Verification Code – This code provides a verification code when attempting to log into 9369 - Text to Landline Used for notifications about message delivery when texting a landline phone number that does not support SMS messaging. Either a successful or an unsuccessful message will be sent to your phone depending on the outcome. 9466 – Sprint Promotional Code This code is used for Sprint promotional messaging. 9489- Sprint Family Locator Used for the Sprint Family Locator Android Application.   9999 - Block Text This code allows you to block/unblock text messaging to specific numbers. You can text HELP to get a full list of commands. LIST will give you a list of currently blocked numbers. BLOCK (then the number) or UNBLOCK will allow you to add/remove numbers from your block list. 60601 – Ntelos Communications Used to Migrate Ntelos subscribers to Sprint Prepaid 60602 – Ntelos Communications Used to Migrate Ntelos subscribers to Sprint Postpaid   This document was generated from the following discussion: Sprint Text Short Codes   Last updated 3/13/2017 with the latest list
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Question  How can I view my text messages? Answer You can easily download a record of phone numbers you've sent text messages to up to 90 days in the past.  Go to, click on the Calls/Texts link. This record can be printed out or saved.   Text Message content(the actual words exchanged in the text) is not stored by Sprint and therefore not available.   To obtain Text Message number records more than than 90 days in the past, contact Sprint directly.  You may be asked to provide certain legal documentation showing that you are the account holder in order to request and obtain this information.  Please remember: content of text messages is not available through this process. Most devices store text message contents for a certain number of messages or a certain period of time unless you manually delete them from your device.  Depending on your model of phone and operating system, look for an icon on the home screen titled "Messages", if you cannot find it, then look for Apps, and then look thru your list of Apps for Messages. There are various apps available from the Google Play or the Apple App store that will store your text message history (including contents) and save them to a cloud or SD card.  Try searching 'save text messages' for options.
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