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Intercarrier Block


Intercarrier Block

I'm extremely frustrated and highly disappointed in the lack of customer service with Sprint.


I have not been able to send SMS messages since (I thought) December. I went to a Sprint store and they said "It's Apple's problem, not ours." I've recently gone to apple and they have reset my phone, provided me with a new sim, and provided me with a new phone which did not fix the issue. After about 15 phone calls (since December) to Sprint technical support, I was finally escalated. 


A rep (George) was able to diagnois my issue at first glance. Apparently, there's an inter-carrier block on my number. The only explanation is I sent too many messages within a day. Ummm, my activity has been pretty consistent since 2004 (when joining Sprint). Today, I was told that I've actually been blocked since October 24th. Again, I'm not sure why I've been put on the inter-carrier block list and why it took 3 months to figure this out. 


The main frustration is there is no ETA on when this will be rectified. George offered to change my number but I've had this same number for 16 years so this isn't a viable solution. 


My hope is that Sprint will fix this ongoing issue quickly or allow me to find a carrier that can. 

Social Care

Re: Intercarrier Block

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please allow us to take a look into this. Check your inbox and reply to the private message that I sent you.



Sprint Social Care