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Not receiving text messages from other carriers


Not receiving text messages from other carriers

Starting yesterday (5/19) at around 5:05 CST, I am no longer receiving text messages (SMS) from other carriers, and am not receiving MMS from any carrier (including Sprint).


I am able to receive SMS messages (normal texts) from folks on Sprint / TMobile, but not from anyone else.  I can send texts just fine to all carriers.


I did some research on this board, and found that someone had this same issue, and it turned out that the messages were stuck in sprints "queue" and not being delivered to my phone.


I have worked for 2 hours with tech support, resetting the phone, resetting networks, etc - no dice.  I have downloaded a different text app, but still no dice. 


My ticket number is 582583-200520.  Any help is appreciated, as this is severely impacting my work.


We were not receiving SMS and MMS and it turned out that the preferred network was set to Global and not to LTE.  When I changed it back to LTE, the recommended setting, the missing SMS and MMS arrived.

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