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Note 9 I am unable to receive /send text picture messages while on WiFi

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Note 9 I am unable to receive /send text picture messages while on WiFi

I did not have this problem with my Note 8 just upgraded to the Note 9


While I am on a phone call and they send me a text with a picture it gives me a grey box says download and I try to download its says failure to download media blah blah blah... I am also on wifi.  I have been to the Sprint Tech store and they actually had the gall to tell me they have no idea why it was doing this they recommend that I call into sprint. It took them an hour at the store trying  different things and still its the same I have to hang up on my phone call before the picture will download into my text screen.


My Note 8 it worked fine I just had to be on wifi in order to do the multiple task of being on the phone and receiving a picture text at the same time.


Can someone help and tell me what's going on and can I fix this?


Will this erase my phone when is resets?

@CRAYOFF5, a factory reset will erase everything on the phone. Software updates, data profile updates and resetting the network settings won't erase any data from your phone. 





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