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Texts failing, calls not ringing or showing as missed


Texts failing, calls not ringing or showing as missed

  • Texts (failing)

For 7 or so months, my texts constantly fail.  Normal typed texts,  gifs, photos and  links all get the blue spins forever then fail and no they are not too large.


  • Incoming calls (not showing) 

For 7 or so months, people have tried calling me, my phone doesn't ring,  it doesn't show that I have any missed calls and the only way I know is if someone tells me they've tried or ill get a voice-mail they have left. 


  • Cell Service (Roaming & No Cell Service notifications)

My phone goes from 1 bar to 5, usually on just 1, then it will say I'm Roaming for a long time and often it will say No Service.  I constantly have to restart my phone. 


I live in NW Georgia but these things happen all over,  including Central Florida. My crossroads are Charles Hardy Parkway and Macland Rd. Dallas, Ga. 30157


My daughter also has a Sprint phone on my account and has the same problems. 


I have a Galaxy S9

I do not use any other messaging or apps that could be a problem. 

It happens connected and not connected to wifi.


Things i have tried... 

Resetting my phone to factory settings, multiple times. 

Not syncing any of my old stuff.

Creating a new email and not using any of my old one's on the phone. 

Testing if it happens in other places - it does.

Made sure I am current on all updates. 

I have contacted Sprint about this about 5 months ago and didn't resolve the issue. 


Thank you for your time and patience. 


Sprint Social Care

Okay, I had a look at your area and no outages are reported there atm. Can you tell me if other users in your area are having the same problem. 


also mind posting which update your device is currently on? there was a problem update that was kicked out that affected numerous Samsung devices (the S9 is on said list)...but that im almost positive kicked out about 2 months + ago give or take...

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Yes. My daughter has had the same problems and it has happened outside of my area as well. 


This has been a long term,  ongoing problem. 


Android 10



I'm searching through my phone for anything that might be the problem. 

I found under... About Phone > Status > SIM Card Status...


Mobile Network State 



What does that mean? Could it be the problem?


It's possible.  I would recommend turn off VoLTE on that device to see if the issue improves first.  Also PM me your phone number.  I can check to see if you are pushed to TMo.


I have had very similar issues.   Failed texts, messages taking forever to send, pics and just texts.  Calls going directly to VM and never ringing.  If I didn't just get a new phone I would be hopping right over to Verizon.


It isn't allowing me to turn off Volte. It shows that it is on but it is faded and won't all8w me to click. 

Screenshot_20201017-204721_Call settings.jpg

Sprint Social Care

I understand. Have you ensured you're running the latest software version? If you are, try dialing ##SCRTN# (##72786#) and restart the phone to reset the network settings. Let's do some troubleshooting and find a resolution! 

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