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Managing Email Notifications


You can set a policy for email notifications by clicking Preferences under your name and then customizing your settings. You can choose to get email on some or all activity you follow, to get email in digest form daily or weekly, or even to get no email at all.

Keep in mind that your email notification settings are just one part of your general strategy for managing your activity stream: for example, how much Followed Activity email you get depends on how many people, places, and items you follow, plus whether you enabled notifications on Followed Activity. If your community is busy, you may find that you rapidly accumulate hundreds of messages from Followed Activity. Disabling emails for activity you follow is a quick way to reduce the email you receive. (You can look at the activity you follow in your Followed Activity stream.) Many users prefer to receive emails only when someone directly engages them via @mentions, shares, and direct messages. If you prefer to work entirely in Jive, you can even choose to disable email notifications entirely. If you disable email notifications, you can rely on What Matters to alert you to what you need to see. (You'll still get email messages about any administrative matters you need to know about, for example if you requested a password reset.)

Use the following settings to determine what you'll be notified about, and how often. The Result column shows you what happens when each setting is On.

Communications and Activity in my CommunicationsGet a separate email notification about each item that flows into your Communications area.
Action items in my Action queueGet email about any Actions items, including prompts to administrative actions, system notifications, and task notifications from projects you are involved in.
Direct social actions (@mentions, shares and direct messages)Get a separate email each time someone directly @mentions you, when someone shares content with you, or when someone sends you a direct message from the community.
People, places and content I'm followingGet an email notification for all activity from people, places, or content that you are following.
Include body of content in emailGet the full text of content you're being notified about in the body of the notification email.

You can set your preferences so that you'll receive an email that collects news about things about you and the community that have happened lately. The links in the summary are a convenient way to go right to the content listed. If you're already getting a summary, you can cancel it or change its frequency.

Here's a list of what the summary includes:

  • Your status. If you've entered a status message, it'll be here.
  • A list of activity around your content. If you've created or commented on content, for example, it'll be listed here. This list will also include notes about content of yours that was viewed or commented on by others.
  • A list of activity by people connected to you.
  • A list of popular content in the community.

You can  set email notifications on any item  by clicking Receive Email Notifications under its Actions menu. This is convenient if you want to be notified by email for certain items such as updates to a document, but you don't want to set your email preferences to send mail about everything in your Followed Activity or Communications. Keep in mind, though, that if you set your email preferences to send mail about everything followed or everything tracked, this setting overrides the individual email setting. Setting an email notification is a very useful way to choose a few items for special notification if you don't want to be overwhelmed with email about everything that happens in a place or project.