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A few of my Favorite Samsung Note 10+ accessories

Sprint Product Ambassador

Accessories  for the Note 10


If you made it 15 years in life and you still don’t have a cellphone you probably won't make it much longer without being all consumed by one. Even those who would like to minimize their technology usage are likely to own a cellphone and although they may not have as much day to day need to accessorize I do. I want to share with you some of my favorite accessories that pair well with the Samsung Note 10+.

First, let me talk about Galaxy buds they have a very unique appearance, unlike some competitors they don’t come too far out of the ear and the color variations pair seamlessly with the different color options of the Note 10 or 10+. However, if you are a converting user wireless headphones from other large brands will work with the Note 10 and 10+ until you can budget for the amazing matching pair.ear buds.png

Picture 1: Obtained from Amazon website










Many people spend significant time driving whether it is to and from work or if they have a job requiring more in-car time such as realtors, and marketers. Throughout the years many charging options have passed through my vehicles and I have decided on a favorite. With a one-click load and unload with stronghold, it is a great addition. Charging 40% than the standard car chargers plus this gives you more freehand abilities. In addition, there is another port on the station that will allow you to charge a second device.


Picture 2: Obtained from Best Buy website









The last thing I want to talk about is the Gorilla Pod. This small multi-functional accessory has saved me many times. The tripod has an adapter to connect not only Samsung Note 10 and 10+ but other leading brand phone devices as well. The flexible legs allow you to wrap it around a tree branch or have it standing on the surface at different heights. There is no need to carry around a selfie stick just push all the legs together and boom selfie-stick. tripod.png

Picture 3:Obtained from Best Buy website
















It has been great discussing these accessories and stay tuned for my next article which is going to discuss gameplaying on the Note 10+.



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Sprint Product Ambassador
What is the make and model of the wireless charger / phone holder? I have the generic one from the Sprint store and it just barely holds the Note10+. Couple bumps in the road and the phone is sliding out. I like the look of the one you posted. I didn't get the Galaxy Buds - yet. Snagged some Sony NC true wireless buds off Woot!, but as the reviews say, the right ear is constantly dropping out, and the noise cancelling just isn't up to snuff. We've got brilliant Jabra 75's now in the warehouse, er 'open office plan', so the earbuds would be more for walking, biking and possibly on the motorcycle. Have you tried them at speed, like on a bicycle?
Sprint Product Ambassador
Oh, for tripods, I use the "Ulanzi Phone Tripod Mount Adapter" available across the Innerwebs, unfortunately not sold in Sprint stores. Google it up - wide enough to hold the Note 10; double screw in adapters, vertical or horizontal orientation, build quality is out of this world. Rock solid on a big tripod for videoing parades, marching band, or livestreaming the high school band to Facebook (my latest obsession).
Sprint Product Ambassador
The other tripod I use is similar to the " Pedco UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod " - it comes with about 8" of velcro so you can easily wrap it to your bike handlebar for a selfie at a senic overlook, a road sign post -- or (don't do this at home) -- velcro the tripod with phone connected to your windshield wiper arm for a front and center view of going up a mountain road! (if you're willing to risk your phone like that). I swear I had a video of that from 6 o 7 years ago, but it's not in the Youtube archive. It's somewhere on some powered down backup drive...
Sprint Product Ambassador

The wireless charger is an iOttie brand. I have not taken the earbuds on a bike as of yet however I have run with them and they have been fine.


Dont think I would be willing to risk the Samsung Note 10+ being velcro to wiper blade, but I would like to see the video if ever found.