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Enabling International Roaming on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Sprint Product Ambassador

Last year I took my children to Europe and in the Paris airport I discovered that I didn't have data on my phone. This was problematic because it was our main communication and navigation system while we were in Europe and I don’t speak French. I learned that even though Sprint has free international data, the International Roaming feature on my phone has to be enabled to work.


A couple weeks ago I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my wife. One of the first things I did was make sure that my phone was enabled for international roaming. We stopped at 10 ports in 7 countries within 12 days, and I didn’t have any issues connecting to any of the networks.


How do you enable your phone for International Roaming?

To enable your international roaming, tap on:

  1. Settings 
  2. Connections
  3. Mobile Networks
  4. Roaming

Halfway down the screen will be a section for International roaming.

Make sure Voice and text roaming and Data roaming is enabled.

settings.jpg connections.jpg mobile networks.jpg roaming.jpg


Next time you travel out side of the country, make sure your Samsung Galaxy S10 is enabled for international roaming. It can make all the difference. 



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