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Galaxy Note 10 This Camera Really Shines

Sprint Product Ambassador


I have had the Note 10+ for a few days now and all I can say so far is WOW.  This phone is a beast.  Aside from probably the best screen on any cell phone currently on the market. It has really wowed me with some of the new features.  Note 10.PNG


The S Pen has some new tricks up it's sleeve like being able to click the button and snap the shutter for pictures.

You can also use it for things like writing and drawing on photos and one of the coolest uses: AR Doodles.  I will be talking more about these things in future blogs.








Probably the first question I get asked as soon as people see the phone is "How is the Camera?"  The Note 10+ is absolutely no slouch in that department.  I took a bunch of shots as a storm rolled in with the awesome 16 Megapixel Ultra Wide Camera and was amazed at how good they looked.

Awesome ColorAwesome ColorPortrait EffectPortrait EffectWide AngleWide AngleI You can even add captions or emojis as I did here to cover up a license plate.You can even add captions or emojis as I did here to cover up a license plate.I will have lots to say about this phone so come back and learn what the Note 10+ has to offer.


P.S. If you are going to get one go with the Aura Glow color it is eye catching!


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Sprint Product Ambassador

That gif is (insert fire emoji here) 


Well done, and those photos turned out simply amazing.  :clap: :clap:

Sprint Product Ambassador

Brilliant photos!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Those pictures - wow. Looks like a movie!.. Nice job. 


Sprint Product Ambassador

Has anyone found a 'Sticker' that'll post the location - or a way to make your own sticker with your name, company logo etc?

Sprint Product Ambassador

@wingland the Canva app may be able to add in something like this for watermarking a location or name! 

Sprint Product Ambassador

Actually, you can do a picture in picture insert - I'm going to try to make a transparent PNG for my logo to add to photos.  Still doesn't do the GPS location but that's OK.