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Google Pixel 3a XL - Theme it up

Sprint Product Ambassador

Google Pixel 3a XL - Theme it up


As google and all developers found out when displaying white pixels it draws more power than dark pixels. This is not something new but more of a realization based on hard facts. Screens today on most Medium to High devices are moving more and more to OLED displays and away from LCD.  OLED displays allow more control over color and "true black". With OLED displays each pixel is self power and to get black you just dont turn on the pixel while with LCD there is always a backlight on shining through to illuminate the colors in front.  Google showed in their discussion how by enabling a darker theme on their Pixel device they were able to save battery consumption by 60%. Dropping the power consumption down from 250ma to around 92ma when screen brightness is turn to max.  


Until google releases Android Q with true black theme options I must result in manually setting up my applications into dark mode or entering developer mode and enable night time mode.


First let us change the theme to dark mode:

Access the Pixel Settings Menu - Display - Advanced - Device Theme

Select: Dark Theme




This will change only a few select options into dark mode including quick menu, volume slider, application drawer, and even google discover feed. The only Google applications that I can manually change include Messages, Phone/Contacts, Maps, and Youtube.


Messages:  Select Settings and Enable Dark Mode 



Youtube: Settings - General - Enable Dark Theme



Phone/Contacts: Settings - Display Options - Enable Dark Theme



Maps: Settings - Navigation Settings - Map Display - Color Scheme  - Set to Night



If you dont want to have to go into each application you can also enable developer mode and select to turn on night mode to always on. This will enable dark mode as well but only in Messages, Phone and Contacts. Assuming Google keeps adding this feature to other applications it should auto trigger those to be in dark mode as well.  


To access developer mode if you do not already know, navigate to your phones settings and about section then tap the build number until your phone asks for your pin. Once enable, go to the settings section and in the search bar type "night mode". This will bring you straight to the option you want to change. Simply change night mode to always on.




Enjoy your new dark mode options. Hopefully Android Q will be coming out soon and we do not have to mess with all of this to have a true dark theme directly on the device with no additional theme changes needed.


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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