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LED View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

When you’re using an amazing device like the Samsung Galaxy S10+, you may want to get a case that will protect, but offers some cool tech as well! I have been using the LED View Cover on my device and really love it!led1.pngThe LED View Cover has some pretty cool features. This case is a folio type of case with a flip on the front cover. Don’t fret though! Even though the front cover “covers” the screen, you can see notification, time, answer calls, and change the song you’re listening to, all with the front cover closed!




On the inside pocket, you can tuck away your Driver’s License, Credit Card (in case some place doesn’t accept Samsung Pay), business card, etc.


With the LED Icon Editor app from Samsung, a fun thing is that you can assign certain icons for contacts or notifications that will appear on you LED View Cover. You can choose from 49 preloaded LED icons or create a custom one.


Screenshot_20190430-092230_LED icon editor.jpg





Screenshot_20190430-092303_LED icon editor.jpg





Here I have a smiley face appear when I receive a FB notification.




Another fun feature is when you’re playing music, an equalizer is displayed on the LED View Cover. You can skip ahead, skip back, or pause your music as well.



This case protects the device all around against bumps, drops, and scratches. I’ve really enjoyed using the LED View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and highly recommend it!

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Sprint Product Ambassador

cool cover! looks like a fun one!