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LG G6 - Protect your device with Spigen Slim Armor - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hello everyone!


I am back with a new blog about the LG G6 and a great case to bring along for the journey!

Today’s topic is the Spigen Slim Armor Case.  If you’ve read any of my previous blogs about cases and device protection, you know that I am a huge advocate of keeping your device in pristine condition at all times. When you’re spending $500+ on a device, it’s absolutely necessary to take steps to protect your investment both through a case option and through the added benefits of Sprint’s Device Protection (TEP+).


Slim Armor - Overall


I am quite pleased with the Slim Armor case on the LG G6, as I have been with the Slim Armor series on other devices. Spigen has nailed down aesthetics in its cases, as well as functionality. The Slim Armor comes with a rubber shell that fully encloses your device, with a hard plastic outer shell to provide some better structure and to hold the rubber shell in place. There is a kickstand to allow you to prop the device up to watch videos, and all of the ports are easily accessible on the device. The case doesn’t add a significant amount of thickness to the device, but it is a noticeable difference upon putting it on.  It goes above a typical silicone shell for protection, and that requires a bit of extra thickness to properly protect the device. Overall, I think this case is worth the investment!  Sprint does sell some Spigen products on its website, and you may be able to find them in your local Sprint Store. However, I cannot guarantee that a Spigen accessory will be available for every model at this time, as Sprint inventory does change often.




Protection Abilities


I have dropped my device a few times since owning it, which I would typically rather not admit. I pride myself on being very careful with my devices because I do not want to have to get my device repaired for a broken screen, or even worse, liquid damage. However, accidents happen and that’s why there are cases and Device Protection options available to consumers.


The Spigen Slim Armor with “Air-Cushion Technology” helps break the impact once your device hits the ground. The case is military-grade drop tested (MIL-STD 810G – 516.6), and designed to pillow your device during a fall. I dropped my device from a few feet onto concrete and it was cushioned very well.   You can see from the image that the rubber part of the case did take some impact damage; however, this did not translate into device damage whatsoever.



In addition to drop protection, the case gives cosmetic protection. As you can see in the image below, there are numerous scratches and gouges in the back of the case. This is typical from keeping my phone in the same pocket as my keys or other items, or setting on surfaces with abrasive materials (e.g., dirt, sand, etc.).  Even the slightest amount of often unseen debris can cause scratches in a device. I want to keep the glass of my device in perfect condition, on both the front and back, and the Spigen Slim Armor ensures the optimal level of protection from this.




Port access:


If you’ve read my previous blogs on Spigen cases, you likely know that I have a tough time utilizing headphones that I own. I own a set of Audio-Technica headphones that have an oversized 3.5MM jack. On most Spigen (and other brand) cases, I cannot connect my headphones to the phone because the rubber case gets in the way of it being fully flush/inserted in the device. However, I believe Spigen has listened to consumer feedback and has implement a change to ensure almost all headphones are compatible. As you can see in the image below, my Audio-Technica headphones now connect flush to my device and allow for a fully enjoyable listening experience!  For this reason alone, I highly recommend this case!




Additional Photos


Here are some additional photos of the case in use on the device showcasing how it looks. You can see that it adds about 1 – 2 MM of cushion around the face of the device, protecting your screen from drops. The kickstand is also quite helpful.




The con:


Overall, the case is absolutely fantastic. However, there is one con that I noticed during its use. I use a Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Charger from my previous phone. It works on the LG G6 without issue (except for fast charge due to proprietary setup in Samsung ecosystem). However, it does not work with the Spigen Slim Armor case. The case is a bit too thick to allow for the wireless charging to actually work.  Your mileage may vary with other wireless chargers, but I had no luck getting mine to function with the case on.


Since wireless charging is not a core component of the device, I cannot complain too much, as not all consumers will use this feature. But, I enjoy the use of it while working at my desk, and not being able to use it conveniently is a bit of a bummer. 


So, if you use your device for wireless charging, you may find that this particular case does not work well for it.  Spigen does offer Crystal Shell cases that would work with Wireless Charging, however.


Protect your investment


I hope that this has helped you in your decision to purchase this case for your LG G6.  It’s possible that this case is not the right one for you. However, I strongly encourage you to purchase a case, even if a minimal one, for your device. A device is simply too expensive to not protect it. Cases range between $10 and $70 on average among all case manufacturers, and the price pales in comparison to the overall retail value of your device. If you’re leasing your phone, then protection is critical, as the phone must be returned in working, like-new condition! Spend a couple of extra dollars and protect your phone and yourself from unnecessary headache.


In addition to a case, Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus is the most valuable product you can place on your device for protection. It includes coverage for lost, stolen, liquid, and extreme physical damage (with deductible), in-store Service and Repair at over 400 Sprint Repair Stores, and the ability to connect with a Tech Expert to troubleshoot your device or learn how to use particular features. It’s a significant value, and it helps protect your device in the event something should happen --- Even with a case, accidents can happen, and you want to protect your investment.  Learn more here:


As always, thank you for reading. If you have questions or general feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below!



Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Portland, OR area

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