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LG G6 – Use Smart Settings for Automatic Actions - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

 Hello everyone!


Today’s topic is using Smart Settings on the LG G6, which allows you to customize how your device works based on  where you are or what you connect to.


What are Smart Settings?

Smart settings are settings in your device that can change based on various conditions that you set. These settings can be useful if you find yourself doing a particular task over and over. Instead of clicking multiple applications or items, the phone will do it for you.


Accessing Smart Settings

You can access Smart Settings by navigating to your device’s settings, tapping the general tab, and then clicking “Smart settings” from the list. From here, you are presented with four smart options to help customize your device and how it works under four conditions.



Settings options:

At Home – This setting allows you to select the sound profile (loud, vibrate, silent) when you’re at home. So, if you wanted to have your phone be at full volume as you get home, this will do it for you automatically. In addition, you can have it turn your Bluetooth and WiFi on/off upon reaching your home. Simply tap the option, turn it on, and set your home address that will trigger the “Home profile” changes. Then customize the settings you want.


Away From Home – This setting allows you to change your profile just like the “At Home” settings, except you may want to choose the opposite of what you have for your house. If in the car and when you’re running errand you prefer the phone to be quiet, then you can have it change for you as you leave the boundary zone you established as your home.


When Earphones Plugged In – This is easily one of my favorite Smart Settings.  When I plug in my earphones, I find myself having to navigate to Google Music or Amazon Music to find something to listen to. From here, I can turn the setting on and select the default application that will open up as the phone recognizes the earphone input. That way I don’t have to shuffle around to find the music app I use the most. It’s important to note that you don’t have to choose a music app specifically, you could choose YouTube if you wanted, or Facebook, or even a game. The choice is yours.


When Bluetooth Device is Connected – The one Smart Setting that is a must have for me. For my job, I drive a lot and need to use a mileage tracking application for expense tracking. This setting allows you to set up a specific Bluetooth Connection that will trigger an application to open. Many people find it useful to use this setting to open Maps or Navigation (e.g., Google Maps, Waze, etc.), or even music applications. I find it beneficial to open my mileage tracking application so that it’s ready to go every time I start to drive.



Smart Settings create a more automatic control approach to using your device. While it cannot control a long list of items, it does make some simple tasks fairly easier for you. If you are seeking increased automatic control over your life with your phone, check out IFTTT (If This Then That) HERE. IFTTT is a more in depth automatic control of your device and anything else that’s connected to the Internet. For example, when you get to a particular place you might want it to text a loved one or perhaps you want WiFi To turn on/off whenever your arrive or leave a specific place (more than one place, unlike LG G6’s built-in Smart Settings). There are numerous applets for you to enjoy with IFTTT that increase the automatic functions you want your phone to do. I could write about IFTTT more extensively, but that’s perhaps for another blog post!


As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for other tips and tricks on the LG G6! If you have questions or general feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below!