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LG G8 - No touch Hand gestures

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG call is "A New Way to Interact" with your device aka Air Motion. As mentioned in my previous blog, this has been done before, and it takes a bit getting used to, so here is my experience using the Air motion.




Hand ID: There are 2 3D Mapping sensors in the notch area that are utilized for this feature. I could not setup Hand ID in the first try. Then I realized I was not reading the instructions properly. This is what happens when you assume how a tech should work, and not pay attention. During the writing of this blog, I gave it another shot and had it running in 2 mins. What was I thinking! Anywho, It is a cool way of unlocking your phone, the only time I can see it beneficial is when its on my car mount so that I dont have to remove it to use the fingerprint reader




Air Motion: The idea here was to use your phone wirelessly or in other words "hands free" the use case being if your hands are dirty while cooking or something, you dont transfer the mess on your phone. I can see me answering calls and disabling timers etc, but screenshots and music? I think LG was reaching here. That said, I could not get any of the gestures to work so far. Could be my fat fingers, I will let you try and see how they work for you.


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team