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LG G8 ThinQ - The First Mobile Display WITHOUT a speaker

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G8 ThinQ - The First Mobile Display WITHOUT a speaker




Have you noticed the new LG G8 ThinQ has no ear piece for a speaker. This is because this device has some new technology to allow the use of the entire OLED screen as the phone's speaker.  LGs Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) technology was first developed back in 2017.  It was the first technology used in conjunction with OLED displays. Television sets being released around this time were so thin they had no room for speakers.  LG developed the technology in conjunction with Sony. Crystal Sound OLED technology operates on the key principle of vibrating the panel with the exciter attached to the back of the panel. This vibration turns the entire display into a diaphragm which enables the clear sound to be produced.  


Thanks to youtuber PBKreviews they provided a nice breakdown of the LG G8 and the internal components. Among the breakdown you can clearly see the Exciter. below is a snapshot from this video expressly showing this.


Breakdown Capture.jpg


The true test is how does the phone perform.


The embedded resonating sound is very clear in calls. I can hear people on the other end without any difficulty. In some cases, I had to turn down the volume it was resonating so loud people around me could hear the could hear the conversation. The speaker is only used when in calls and is also enabled during the playing of music. It is not enabled when speakerphone is used. This only utilizes the bottom speaker. 


When playing music, you can clearly hear the sound coming from the screen and FEEL the sound through the vibrations as it is very noticeable when turned up to max volume even with a case on. I normally would not be holding the phone at max volume and neither does LG.  They want you to place the phone on a flat surface to enjoy in the additional acoustics being generated through their lower boombox speaker which utilizes the internal space of the phone to generate bass sounds. while larger displays have better sounds dynamics the LG G8 ThinQ 6.1" display yields impressive highs and mid sound range. Though without the boombox bass the sound would feel lost and not as rich in tones. Just simply cover the lower speaker you can clearly hear the effects of this lost sound. I tested the sound both in and outside of a case and found to my ears no large variation in sound quality. The sound was very clear and well rounded.


Along with this new sound technology LG has also incorporated with the help of their audio partner Meridian DTS:X 3D Surround Sound that emulates a 7.1-channel system with or without earphones, a first for LG. This feature is not active by default and must be enabled under sound settings section. Located under sound quality and affects, enable DTS:X 3D Surround. There are three spatial settings Wide, Front and Side to Side. I found the Side to Side was my favorite. Realistically these enabled features while do add to the quality of the sound merely feel like an advanced equalizer but a REALLY good one. Which brings me to the next section Equalization.  The LG G8 along with its superior sound features incorporates an amazing equalizer. Users can manipulate the frequency ranges from 32 hertz (low sounds) all the way to 16Khz (high sounds). LG throws in some preset standard settings but also gives you the option for your own customization. Remember there is no perfect setting with equalizers simply choose one the sounds right to your own tastes and styles of music. 




LG has brought some great technology to the LG G8 ThinQ device. With the addition of the no front speaker provides more screen and thinner bezels while not limited on sound quality. They have given users additional features to help manipulate the sound attributes to provide an overall better user experience. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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