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LG V40 ThinQ - LG Camera Abilities

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LG V40 ThinQ - LG Camera Abilities


LG always brings top quality abilities when it comes to cameras on their phones and the LG v40 is no different. this beauty is now sporting not 1 not 2, but 5 cameras, 2 frontside (8MP standard, 5MP Wide-Angle) and 3 on the rear (12MP standard, 16MP super wide-angle, and 12MP telephoto zoom). I am going to highlight some of my favorite features of the LG V40 including the newly created category "tripleshot".


One of the best features I want to highlight is the LG's Gesture shot feature. Not many realize this, but LG has always embraced the selfie world and understands it is difficult to take pictures one handed when holding your camera. the nice feature of the gesture shot option it relies solely on your free hand to enable the capture.  Gesture shots works when in selfie mode and the camera detects and open hand facing the camera. when you clench your hand into a fist the enables the feature to begin a 3 second count down to take your selfie. If you immediately open and close your hand twice this will enable the 4 shot feature to take 4 selfie pictures at once.  





My next favorite feature has graced us with this year is the CineShot. This feature creates a picture where you can make part of the scene come to life. Simply record the video then rub the screen where you want the movement to be seen and click save. have fun with it I am sure you can find many ways this can elevate your photography abilities or if you just want to make funny vids its good for that too.




Let us not forget the star of this year's device the Tripleshot. This will take a picture with all 3 cameras and then combine the images into one video streaming. While the video stream is not really great i like the ability of one click and multi-photo captures.





Here is the video the LG V40 creates upon capturing the 3 shots.


I am not a professional photographer but as an additional feature and one I recommend all users play with is MANUAL mode, You can tweak pretty much all the settings to bring out professional quality shots. I am super impressed with what I found. While waiting in car at for family I wanted to see how well the camera can take night shots. With no tweaks I found it barely picked up any light when none was around. But once I modified the iso and changed the time frame on how long the lens was open I was impressed with the results.


Auto  - 13/10 sec. / ISO 50Auto - 13/10 sec. / ISO 50Manual 1/10sec. / ISO 2200Manual 1/10sec. / ISO 2200Manual  1/2sec. / ISO 2200Manual 1/2sec. / ISO 2200


LG always does a great job with their camera hardware and they always give users features that tie their hardware together. The LG V40 provides a great user experiences and can capture life's moments with great detail. dont be afraid to try something new play with the features that is what they are there for.   


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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