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LG V50 - the 1st Device to Sprint's 5G Party

Sprint Product Ambassador

When Sprint Launched its 5G service earlier this year in May, they had to have something to showcase the service. LG was an amazing partner who opted to help us launch our first 5G smartphone. So lo and behold - the V50 ThinQ 5G

lockup-sprintThe V series is usually LG's bigger device and usually comes later in the year following the G series device. However, this time around, due to the launch of 5G, LG launched it a bit sooner and still was able to give it the power you would expect from their V series device, plus the multi lens camera setup we have grown accustomed to.


So this device comes with 5 lenses (3x Rear, 2x Front), Qualcomm 855 chipset  and of course, 5G. Lots of 5's there. 

On other specs front, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB Storage, 6.4" QHD OLED Display, and none of the gimmicks from the G8. Overall this device is a solid contender when compared to any current gen smartphone on the market. Plus it has the advantage of 5G, so if you are in a 5G market you get to enjoy the fastest speeds to date!


More about this device and its capabilities soon


-- Your Product Ambassador Team