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LG V60 - Enabling Wide Mode for EVERYTHING

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG V60 - Enabling Wide Mode for EVERYTHING




LG's V60 is a great device and the added secondary display give the device a nice added touch. Though I quickly found limits to the wide screen view option with regards to application use. There was very little application support that can utilize both screens in wide mode. Luckily, a developer caught on quick and created an application to fill the void. Enter, Yutaka Tsumori who created an application that I felt should have been created by LG. This application or I should say quick setting feature once installed ties into the device API and turns anything displayed into wide screen mode. Best of all this application is FREE. 




Once installed users will need to access their notification pane and click the ICON to edit the settings for Quick Settings. The Wide Mode application installs a quick setting option that will need to be dragged down and added to the quick settings section. Simply grab and drag the wide mode icon down. If you do not see the icon scroll down on the upper area as it is scrollable to see more optional quick setting icons.  Once added select the check mark to save the changes.  Now when swiping down to access the quick settings section you should see this new icon available to select. 




Next you will need to Turn ON "Keep the same as main screen" under the dual screen Display Settings section only available when connected to the dual screen.




To activate the feature simply select the icon to enable it, walla! you now are in wide screen mode.


Here is the home screen in single screen and wide screen mode




This feature works in everything I have tested it with. It even changes with either portrait or landscape mode viewing angles depending on how you hold your device. I have only found 1 limitation. The mode only works for the time for whatever you are viewing. For instance, if I am in an application and i click a link which opens a browser the view will change to single screen view for the browser, but it is not a deal breaker based on what this feature offers us. Just swipe down and re-select wide mode again POOF! your back to widescreen again. 


Here is a Video I captured on enabling the feature and how it works. 



Screenshots in Wide Screen mode even come out in wide screen.


Screenshot_20200712-142057.png               Screenshot_20200712-142109.png


Hope you enjoy this great addition and must have feature.


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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