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LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen 5G - 30 days in

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey everyone! 


It sure has been a bit since I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to write about a new handset!  I get to make my return with the amazing LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen 5G  – so far it is pretty impressive!

The LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen 5G is the first of many devices that are optimized for both the Sprint and T-Mobile network – making it extremely convenient to pop in the SIM card and access the benefits of either network (with paid service, of course).  I’m currently rocking my Sprint boxed LG V60 on the T-Mobile 5G network and setup was a breeze. 


Let’s dig into it a bit more –


I’m currently on day 30 with my LG v60 and it is by far one of the best phones I’ve used to date over the years.  It’s snappy, crisp, lightweight (well, without the Dual Screen it is), and familiar like previous iterations in the LG lineup.  I’ve learned a lot about the phone, harnessed the Dual Screen for various functions, and have found some neat features of the device. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share a few of my tips and tricks and unique items about the LG V60 to help you learn more and decide if this is the right phone for you!


Out of the box/What’s In the box

I snagged the Dual Screen LG V60 5G so I could harness the power of 5G on the T-Mobile network. The box is fairly large, so be prepared for that.


Inside the box are pretty common accessories we’ve seen from LG in the past plus some extras for the Dual Screen:

  • 25W Fast Charging Block – USB C connection
  • USB C to USB C cable
  • Microfiber cloth with LG logo
  • 2nd year Promise information card – make sure you take advantage of this
  • Sim Ejector tool (within the packaging)
  • Dual Screen Case
  • Dual Screen Case Charging Adapter – you’re gonna need more than one!


It was easy to get it going. I simply popped out the included Sprint SIM card and popped in my existing T-Mobile SIM card.  Once the phone booted up, it immediately recognized my T-Mobile SIM card and began applying the T-Mobile branding throughout.

What’s it like having two screens all the time?


It’s a bit to get used to, that’s for sure. I didn’t have the previous Dual Screen device so this was a new adventure for me.  The first screen is great, and adding the second screen really gives me nearly two phones at all times that I can use easily and conveniently.  Overall, it’s a bit heavy, though.  The Dual Screen case adds pretty noticeable weight to the device, which takes a bit to get used to

I’ll go into more detail on my Dual Screen experience in the next blog.  There’s more to share on that topic at a later time!


After having the phone for 30 days, I’m quite happy.  I’ve had to make an investment in the charging adapter for the Dual Screen (Available from LG directly for < $10.00) and learn to use two screens and I’ve been quite impressed by how easy it is to use both screens independently or together.  I’ve found myself using both screens to look at a website and search on Amazon or browse Facebook while reading news.  I’ve gotten a chance to take some great photos, use the Dual Screens to a pretty reasonable degree, and experience 5G around the Middle Tennessee area – Looking forward to sharing those experiences soon!


Thanks for reading, and go snag yourself one (or even two with currently available BOGO Offers) of these phones – you won’t regret it!


Here are some photos of the phone out of the box!

IMG_0156.JPEGGorgeous back housing!Gorgeous back housing!IMG_0158.JPEGCute lil' charging adapterCute lil' charging adapterIMG_0160.JPEGIMG_0163.JPEGIMG_0164.JPEGHello, T-MoHello, T-MoFlipping my Sprint SIM for T-Mo SIMFlipping my Sprint SIM for T-Mo SIM






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awesome write up brotha. long time no see around here.


by chance do you happen to have a car mount set up for this phone? and with the added is that holding up?

Community Manager

@NewYork_NY does.  Looks like he used a regular mount and let the second screen hang.  See it here

Sprint Product Ambassador

@fireguy_6364 - Just a heads up, that car mount is working great. You need the dual screen to be the one hanging down. 

FYI - in hot weather up in the windshield sometimes the wireless charging function stops to keep the phone from overheating. The battery life on this device is so good that I find myself not always using the charging anyway. 

Good luck!


Thanks @Em_Will_I_Am 




im going to have to look into the suction cup set up. dont think the AC vent style is going to hold it lol.


just added it to my cart for after work..booyah

Sprint Product Ambassador

@fireguy_6364 even longer time since I didn't see any email for these comments... So sorry!  


No, I don't use a mount with this one, or really any of them anymore because I have Android Auto. The sole reason I used to rely on a mount was for directions and music management, but with in-dash AA, I don't tend to use that anymore. I just keep my phone in the center console, which helps me stay distraction free.

GrandMaster not cool enough for anything like that just yet lol